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"I need it." You whisper in Zion's ear. He groans and looks into your pleading eyes. You bite your bottom lip and your hand grips down on his d.ick. He groans once more and looks at you. "Now mamas." He sighs out, putting his hand on top of yours still holding his d.ick. You nod and look into his pleading him to take you now. "Please z." You pout knowing he can't resist your pout. He groans again and takes your wrist leading you up the stairs to his and Edwin's shared room. You jump into his arms as soon as he opens the door. You moan as he pushes you onto his bed as he closes the door with his foot, stripping out of his shirt as he climbs over your body. You moan as his hands start to travel your body, running over your breasts and going down to your soaked panties. He kisses your neck then starts down your body. His hands fiddle with your pants sensually pulling them down your legs. Making sure to look you in the eyes. He licks his lips watching your face. The feel of his warm hands traveling down your legs makes you shiver. You moan as he tears your panties and dives in. His tongue slowly licks your lower lips, plunging his tongue into your core. Making you scream his name. "ZIO— oh god." You moan as he brings his tongue to your bundle of nerves. He kisses it and then nibbles on it making your first of many orgasms of the night happen. He trails his pointer finger back up your body slowly making his nail scratch your skin lightly. Having you bite your lip. "Don't tease me baby." You tell him reaching down and pulling roughly on his dreads. He start to climb on top of you when the door opens. Zion's body immediately falls on top of yours shielding you from whoever came into the room. It was Edwin. He stops in the doorway staring at his roommates girlfriend almost completely naked, Being eaten out. "Oh my god." He says dropping his phone and staring at your body. "Ed man get the hell out bro." Zion says ducking his teeth, rolling his eyes. You just think about how intrigued Edwin looks staring at your body. You sit up as an idea comes to mind. "Edwin, do you like what you see?" You ask him moving Zion's body away from your so he's sitting on the bed. His eyes glued to you. A confused expression on his beautiful face. "Mamas what are you do-." You put your finger in on his lips. Then push it into his mouth. He just stares confused. Edwin still hasn't moved and is finally aware of what is happening. You get up off the bed and take your finger with you. You make your way over to Edwin and kiss his lips. His hands find Their way down to your ass squeezing it as he deepens the kiss. You hear a groan and Zion moves off the bed picking you up and start to kiss your body. He takes your shirt off and you look to Edwin who is smirking at you and stripping. Zion soon strips and all three of you are naked. I've been wanting this for so long you moan as they both walk back over to you. And kiss all over your body. You feel Zion enter you roughly as Edwin walks over to your face. You moan as Z goes deeper. You grab onto Edwin's d.ick as he walks past you to connect your lips. You start to squeeze and jerk him off as Zion hits your spot. He brings his hands up grabbing your boob massaging it as he slams into you faster and faster. Edwin runs his fingers down to your clit and he begins to rub fastly. Making you orgasm the second time that night. "Ahhhhh." You moan out as you cum all over Zion's d.ick. Edwin releases and so does z. Leaving you all three panting and sweaty



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