Chapter Sixteen

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The sunrise glistened off the yellow hills as the convoy of vehicles drove away from the lab. Kita ignored Kimmy and her aides as she stared out the window thinking about Arcee.

"Kita?" said Kimmy.

"Huh? Yeah?"

"I want to thank you for your help. Finding the Autobots is a major boost to national security. You'll be well taken care of."

"Thanks, but I want Arcee taken care of."

"We will fix her. I'm going to need her system cores." Kimmy held out her hand.

"I'll, ah, hang on to them. It's no problem. I'll give them to Ratchet when we get to the base."

"I must insist. You won't be seeing Ratchet or the other Autobots again."

"What? No way. That wasn't part of the deal."

"Kita, you are not a scientist or a soldier. You'll be sent home to go back to your life—a life that will be much better now."

"I am not living without Arcee," snarled Kita. She turned, popped the door lock, and jerked open the door.

"What are you doing?" cried Kimmy.

The MIB in the passenger's seat lunged to grab Kita as she stood in the SUV's door. Using the door's armrest and the seat, she crawled onto the SUV's roof. The driver slowed. Hanging onto the side of the SUV, Kita reached into her back pocket and pulled out her phone. She found Bumblebee's icon and called him.

"Hey, dudette! What's up? Did you miss me?"

"Bumblebee! I need a pickup. I'm on top of the princess' SUV. They're trying to take Arcee."

"Yo! I'm on my way. Hang tight."

Kita glanced over her shoulder. Bumblebee, as a black Corvette with yellow racing stripes, swerved out of the convoy line and sped up the line of vehicles in the opposite lane. He pulled alongside Kimmy's SUV.

"I'm going to roll off, you catch me," said Kita.

"You got it."

Kita put her phone away, took a deep breath to steady her nerves, and then rolled to her left off the SUV. Bumblebee transformed, caught Kita, and transformed back placing Kita in the passenger's seat.

"Wow, this is nice," said Kita.

"Totally awesome. I blew the original's tires off going down the freeway."

The SUVs at the head of the convoy stopped in a wishbone formation blocking the road. The rest of the convoy stopped, and Kimmy hopped out of her SUV looking furious. The MIBs jumped out—their guns drawn—and surrounded her. Bumblebee rolled to a stop in front of Kimmy. Kita got out, and Bumblebee transformed as Ratchet pulled up with Ryan. Striker and Adrestia ran up behind them.

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