Chapter Fifteen

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Kita sat in a black SUV parked in a hangar on Edwards Air Force Base. She slept the entire ride here. When they'd arrived, Adrestia had given her a pomegranate smoothie before disappearing with Striker. An Air Force humvee with two stern looking airmen sat a couple of feet away. Are they here to protect me or make sure I don't run away? After slurping down her smoothie, Kita slid out of the SUV and surveyed the hangar. If I were the bathroom, where would I be? There was a door to the rear of the hangar. Looks good to me.

"Excuse me, Ma'am?" said an airman from the humvee.

Here to keep me from going anywhere. "What?"

"You're not allowed to leave without an escort."

"Then I take it you're my escort?"

"Yes, Ma'am."

"Two things. It's Miss, not Ma'am. I am not old or attached to any man and where is the bathroom?"

The airman didn't flinch. "This way, Miss."

Kita followed him across the hangar, through the back door, to an adjacent building. The starkly lit hallway had several doors. The airman stopped in front of one.

"Here you are, Miss."

Kita smiled. "I'll be right out after I powder my nose."

Kita entered the bathroom and wrinkled her nose. Smells like boy in here. After using the restroom, she redid her makeup and brushed out her hair. If I'm going to meet royalty, I should look my best.

When she exited the restroom, the airman looked impatient.

"Problem?" said Kita.

"Air Force Three just landed. We need to hurry back to the hangar."

Kita waved him ahead of her. "Lead on. I'm in no rush."

They returned to the hangar and walked to the giant opening. Striker and Adrestia were waiting. Adrestia had changed into the Air Force's battle uniform and had a pistol on her hip.

More Air Force Humvees lined the tarmac. The lights of a giant plane were visible on the runway. It taxied off the runway and stopped in front of the hangar. Kita couldn't believe how loud it was. A set of stairs drove up to the plane as the back opened, a ramp extended, and three black SUVs exited. The door above the stairs opened, and two men in black suits jogged down the stairs and stood at the bottom. More MIBs. Not very inconspicuous.

A trio of woman exited the aircraft. Kita guessed the one in front was Kimmy. She was dressed in jeans, boots, a leather jacket, and camisole. The other two women were dressed in more formal business attire.

The three SUVs parked in front of the hangar as Kimmy and her entourage entered. Striker and Adrestia saluted Kimmy. Kita, unsure of what to do, did nothing. It didn't seem to bother Kimmy.

"General, are you ready?" said Kimmy.

"Yes, Your Highness. The lab is waiting, and personnel are standing by ready to roll out. We just need to know the destination." He looked sharply at Kita.

"Take the five-oh-one up the valley."

"That's not a destination."

"Easy, General," said Kimmy. "I'm sure she'll give us the next waypoint when we get close, right Kita?"


Kimmy smiled. "Let's mount up and get going. We have a long drive ahead. Kita, you'll ride with me."

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