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Ethans POV
I was laying on my bed staring at my ceiling. I can't keep this dream kept inside me and not tell anyone. I knew one person I could tell about this. Alivia. I started texting her about going out for lunch
Me- Are you busy?
Alivia- No, why?
Me- I want to go out and eat lunch with you to talk about something
Alivia- Alright. You want me to get you or do you want to get me?
Me- I'll get you. I'll be over soon
Alivia- Okay I'll be ready
I got off my bed and walked downstairs to get my shoes on. I grabbed my keys before my mom stopped me. "Where are you going?" I didn't know if I actually wanted to tell her or not. "I'm going to eat lunch with Alivia" I said. "Alright, just don't be super long." She said. "Okay I won't mom" I said. "Okay bye" she said hugging me. I walked out to my car and started driving towards the address.

I pulled up to a white townhouse and parked behind a car I believed was hers. I stopped the car and got out to knock on the door. I knocked on the door and waited until I heard the door open and saw Alivia open it further and step outside. "Hey are you ready to go?" I asked her. "Yeah, I'm ready" she said. We drove to the small diner in town and got a table. "So you said you wanted to talk about something?" She asked me. "Yeah I wanted to talk about something that happened two nights ago. I had this dream where I was awake, but wasn't actually awake. I was in this room but it wasn't mine and soon learned it was Graysons. I heard someone coming up the stairs and saw the door open and there was Grayson standing there. It looked like him but not the real him. He acted like, normal. He wasn't doing any of the things he usually did. He then came over and started talking in like full sentences. And this is the weird part, but he started kissing me and touching my body. I don't know why but I was kind of liking the way it felt." She just looked at me with a surprised expression on her face. "Wow. That is something I have never heard before." I said, "I know, but I think I'm falling for Grayson." She didn't say anything and just sat there. "Are you serious? Oh my god." I just shook my head and said, "Yeah that's what I thought to." The rest of the time we ate our food and
had some small talk but that's it.

"You want to come over for a little?" I asked. "Sure, I don't think my mom will care" she said as we climbed in the car and made our way to my house. When we walked inside I found my mom frantically walking around the house with small tears dripping down her face. "Mom what's wrong?" I asked, trying to get her attention as she wasn't paying attention to me. "Grayson, gone, left the front door open." I said, "Mom, stop. Slow down I can't understand what you're trying to say." She took some deep breaths and finally said what she was saying, "I was dumb. I left the front door open to go and grab something out of my car and Grayson left the house. He's gone. I don't know where he is." She started crying a lot now and sounded like she couldn't even breath. "Well do you want me to look in the woods?" I asked. "Yea please. I didn't look out there because I don't know it that well out there." I shook my head and started out the door before Alivia stopped me. "I'm coming to help to" she said. I just shook my head as I ran outside and into the woods with her as my mom called my dad. I walked into the woods along the trails that we have. "Do you know why he would do just up and leave the house?" She asked as we were running more like running. "I don't actually know 100 percent why he leaves, but he hasn't done it in a while." I said as we made our way onto a different trail path. We walked for miles until we came onto the last trail and didn't find anything. "God this is horrible" I said. She didn't say anything as we ran back to our house to find my mom crying, standing outside the house. "Did you find anything that he was maybe out there?" She asked with a little bit of hope in his voice. We both shook our head no as my mom started crying harder. Soon my dads car was speeding up the driveway as he got out and came up to us. "Did you find anything?" My dad asked since he didn't know anything except for over the phone. Everyone shook there heads no as he just stood there. "Ethan will come out and help me look for him?" My dad asked. I shook my head yes and asked, "Alivia, do you want to come and help?" She shook her head yes as we all got into my dads car. We drove out the driveway and onto the road making our way to town.

We looked everywhere until we pulled up to the school and saw Grayson walking around down by the football field. My dad and I stopped the car as we ran down where the boys soccer team was practicing. We got down to Grayson as now the whole soccer team was staring as we were trying to get my brother back up to the car. "Ethan? Ethan Dolan? Is that you?" One of the soccer players called out as I notice it's one of the most popular boys in school who I'm friends with. God I knew this would happen. Why couldn't of it been sometime later than today? I saw my friend come over along with a couple of the soccer players. "Oh my god it is you Ethan. What are you doing?" He screamed as he cane closer. Causing Grayson to cover his ears and rock back and forth on the track. I didn't know what to do and stood there like a deer in headlights. "I thought you said— who's that? Is that your twin Ethan?" He asked. I shook my head with a slow yes. I turned around to see my brother on the ground rocking back and forth with his hands over his ears. "What's wrong with him Ethan? Why's he doing that?" I didn't know if I should tell the truth or not. "He has autism" I said. "Are you fucking serious right now? Oh my god the Ethan Dolan has a retarded brother. Oh my, wow, damn can't wait till school on Monday when everyone finds out." He said. "Don't ever say  that again Jake! He's not retarded!" I screamed at him. "Whatever bro. Just don't talk to me at school anymore, I don't want to be friends with a person who's brother can't understand anything." I can't take this anymore. The next thing I know my fist connects with his nose as a loud crack happens. I look as his noise starts to bleed and he takes shaking breaths. "You just fucked up Dolan. I'm going to make your life a living hell at school by Monday. I promise you that" he said as he walked away with the rest of the people who were with him. I quickly ran away up to my dads car and sat down next to Grayson in the back. "What took you so long down there?" My dad asked. "Just was talking with some friends down there." My dad looked in the mirror and said, "Alright, well I already told mom that we found him and we should head home." We made it out of the school and all the way back to my house in silence

"What really happened down there? I knew you were lying in the car." She said as she pulled my head up to look at her. "They found out. They called him retarded so I punched Jake in the face." She just gasped. "You seriously pinched him on the face?!" I said, "Yeah, and now he said my life is going to be a living hell when I go back on Monday." She said, "Don't worry about it. I think he was just mad at the moment. I don't he'll say anything." "I really hope your right. I really do."

Chapter 7! I'm sorry if I offended anyone with the language I used in this chapter I really am. I would never call anyone retarded in real life ever. Also thank you for 100 reads! I literally thought this book was going to suck!

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