Dragon Ball Z

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//No Ones POV//

"Do you think what Danial said might be true? Do you think we will really see different Deku's from other worlds?" Ochako asked Iida, Momo and Asui.

"Maybe, the different worlds theories does exist. Not to mention what he said about being a god." Momo replied.

"I guess we will have to wait and see. Kerro." Asui said.

Soon, the lights of the screen started to flicker.

"Okay. So in this world Izuku's an alien from another planet called Planet Vegeta. He was sent to Earth in hopes to Number 1, Kill all life on the planet and sell it to a powerful evil tyrant called Freeza and/or Number 2, escape the destruction of the planet by Freeza thanks to his parents. He was found by All Might as a baby but he was dropped and bumped his head. This made Izuku a pure-hearted baby and had no memory of his planet nor his parents. I would say that it is better if you watch the universe than have me explain it." Danial said explaining what the Universe was about.He was then bombarded by questions.

"How strong is Izuku in this world?"Aizawa asked.

"Is Deku-kun a hero?" Ochako asked

"Does my baby get hurt?" Inko asked worriedly, afraid about her son's well-being.

"Well first, if I were to rank how strong he is with mortals. Then throughout Time And Space I would say maybe 2nd or 3rd. First being the fusion of Him and Bakugou with the fusion dance, a technique that allows two fighters to fuse into a powerful warrior for 30 minutes. I say 2nd or 3rd because I'm not sure whether a warrior called Broly could defeat an Ultra Instinct Izuku. Most likely not but its not my right to decide. Anyway this Ultra Instinct Izuku is Izuku using a technique of the gods. It allows the body to move freely without needing to use their mind to tell their body what to do. This therefore makes him much stronger, faster and overall badass and powerful. 3rd being a warrior called Jiren from another Universe and 4th being Bakugou. Secondly, yes, Izuku is somewhat of a hero if you count him protecting the Universe from Destruction several times that is. And thirdly.....Yes. Izuku gets hurt A LOT. Not to mention that he's probably been to the brink of death over and over again. Died probably around 3 times and yea that's pretty much it." Danial answered nonchalantly.

Saying that everyone was shock would be an Understatement. Izuku was the Second Strongest Mortal over the entire Multiverse, saved his Universe several times and have died while doing so. Inko had fainted when he heard Izuku had died .Everyone else was just at a state of shock.....well almost everyone.


"BAKUGOU!LANGUAGE!" Mirio and Mandalay shouted at Bakugou while covering Eri's and Kota's ears respectively.

"Welp I think It's time we started viewing this Universe."Danial shouted to bring back everyone back to reality. He the pressed a button on a remote he magically picked from a pocket in his hoodie.

(Play the video above)

The screen showed an adult Izuku wearing a bright blue GI walking in a crowd of people who looked like they were walking in slow motion.

The screen showed an adult Izuku wearing a bright blue GI walking in a crowd of people who looked like they were walking in slow motion

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