Chapter 18

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"Nasseon nasseon yeojaui nasseon hyangi-e"

"Yes I want some NEW FACE" Jeongin screamed, dancing stupidly to the beat.

Once again, the nine boys had found themselves in each other's cabin. Using Jisung's bluetooth speaker, they were blasting music and having the time of their lives.

"New face..." Said Felix, waving his hand in front of his face as the song finished. He breathed unnecessarily heavy for dramatic effect and the boys threw their heads back and laughed.

Felix, continuing on with his dramatic performance, bowed multiple times and thanked his 'audience.'

He sat down and giggled at himself.

"You guys!! It's the last day of camp! How did it go so quickly?" Chan asked frantically.

"Yah! Don't remind us!" Woojin snapped.

"We should make a group chat! Do y'all have Snapchat?" Jisung suggested.

They nodded and grabbed their phones out. They exchanged Snapchat usernames quickly, laughing at each other's bitmoji's.

Lixie added Woobear, Darkbin, Squirrel and 5 others.


WoobearI am NOT a rat thank you very much (A/N see what I did there?)

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I am NOT a rat thank you very much (A/N see what I did there?)



Oof that's cold

Speaking of cold, I'm freezing Minho cuddle meh

Seungmin that could be us but you playing

In your dreams hoe



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I ship

Why are we texting we're in the same room

At that note, everyone looked up from their phones and laughed.

"Well the name certainly suits us" Chan said.

"Yes, quite." Jeongin said in a posh voice.

"Alright guys lights out now!!" A teacher yelled from outside.

All 9 boys simultaneously flipped the bird at the door where the teacher was probably standing.


It was the last day of the camp, and the boys, even Changbin, were dreading the moment when they would leave.

The staff had decided to have a water fun day. Water balloons, water guns, water slides and a pool were all there. It was 8AM when the kids had been woken up, much to Changbin's disgust, but it was worth it when they threw on their bathers and ran outside.

Felix almost tripped over his own feet. Changbin was shirtless. Shirtless. Granted, he was too, but damn, Changbin was ripped. He saw a few girls from another group staring open mouthed at him, and he glared at them.

While Felix was busy being distracted by Changbin's stomach, Jeongin had crept up behind him with an armful of water balloons.

"Ahhh! What the hell?!" He screeched as he was drenched in freezing cold water. Jeongin cackled evilly and sprinted away.

"Why you little-" Felix murmured.

The next few hours were spent pelting water balloons, competing for furthest slide on the waterslide and fighting for the best water gun.

Then some pool floaties were brought out, and everyone flocked to the pool immediately to try and get the best one first.

Team Stray Kids got a donut floatie and a giant square that could fit the majority of them on.

"Score!" Hyunjin said.

"I've got dibs on the donut!" Changbin yelled, snatching it up and jumping into the water straight away.

Felix gently dipped his toe into the water.

"Oh yikes it's FREEZING" He exclaimed.

"Too bad, hoe!" Said Minho as he shoved Felix into the pool, earning a shout from the lifeguard. He laughed and muttered an apology.

Felix emerged, gasping. He floundered around for a bit and then started to float on his back.

"It's not too bad once you get in here." He lied, trying to control his teeth chattering. The other 7 boys jumper in, resulting in shouts of horror at the coldness of the pool.

"You're a liar Felix!!" Jisung shouted.


Chan reached out of the pool and grabbed the black square floatie. He pulled it into the water just as Changbin clambered into his donut.

"Jump on, guys." He said. Felix attempted to climb on, but was pushed down.

"That's for lying about the pool temperature!" Seungmin laughed.

"You're all evil!"


They spent a few more hours swimming, splashing and annoying everyone else in the pool, but they couldn't care less.

But it all went wrong when Felix decided to dive under the water.

He submerged himself underneath the surface with his eyes closed, as his eyes were already stinging. No one realised that the black pool floaties had floated on top of where Felix was swimming. As Felix tried to go up for air, he was met with the black material of the pool floaties that everyone was sitting on. Panicking, he tried to feel his way to the edge of it, but he couldn't find it.

Forgetting that he was underwater, he attempted the breathe in in his panic, and choked in the process.

"Help me, anyone please!!" He mentally begged. He felt a splash beside him, and the last thing he felt before the world turned black was a muscular pair of arms around his waist.


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