Chapter 15: Jeonggie

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The leaves rustled once again– blown by the wind. The night's breeze just keeps getting colder and colder by each second that the three started hugging themselves as they approach the house that Jisung was talking about.

Funny thing is, Younghyun has no shirt on as usual. The first time they saw him with a shirt on was when Minho called him suddenly because Woojin asked him to– or demanded.

Speaking of Minho, he feels very awkward. He's not used to the presence of the two while on the other hand with the eldest of them all, he's feeling the complete opposite. He's feeling quite zealous. He's been longing for the three's reunion for a long time now and it's finally happening.

Not for the ideal reason though.

"We're here," said Jisung when they stopped in front of a house practically in the middle of the forest. It's been 2 years but he still can crystal clearly remember his ex-friend's house– he was his only friend after all.

"What now?" Minho asked, crossing his arms over his chest. Younghyun keeps glancing at him– hoping for a smile to twinkle on his younger brother's face but seems like the heavens won't grant him his wish.

"I'll knock."

The youngest did say that he'll knock but actually, he chooses to do it the indecent way.

"JEONGGIE!" He yelled at the top of his lungs, surprising his two hyungs.

"Ya! Are you even sure that's his name?!" Minho asked with vexation present on his face and tone of voice. In his head, he's already choking the life out of his younger brother.

"Not really."

Again, the ill-tempered man was about to lose it but was halted by the oldest who placed his hand on Minho's back in a comforting manner which the latter unintentionally gave in to.

Jisung continued to shout for 'Jeonggie' but after several more minutes, no one answered the door still. Out of vexation, the boy started banging on the door– something that he should've done first thing.

"God, why was I adopted into a family with idiotic brothers?" Minho sighed, scratching the back of his head with eyes closed.

"So you accept us now?" Younghyun smiled mischievously but abruptly dropped it when he saw the unamused look on his brother's face.

Finally, the door opened, revealing a very annoyed Jeonggie. "WHAT–"

"Jeonggie!" Jisung beamed and was about to engulf the younger in a hug but was abruptly pushed away.

"It's Jeongin idiot!"

Jisung looked so dumbfounded that his two older brothers couldn't contain a mere snicker to escape their lips. Therefore, they received a glare from the poor idiot.

It didn't take long for Minho to stop his moment and realize who's standing at the door. "Is it really you?!"

Jeongin's eyes widened. He was too busy thinking about how weird it was for Jisung to just suddenly knock on his door and call him Jeonggie after 2 years of disappearance that he didn't see his acquaintance immediately.

"H-Hyung? What the–"

"Wait...You two know each other?" Younghyun asked, eyebrows furrowed. "I've been hearing this phrase a lot."

"Weren't you supposed to be Jeonggie..." Jisung slowly said, still not over the fact that he remembered his ex-friend's name wrong.

"Ya! Shut it!" Minho scolded, immediately shutting the blonde one up.

"So these are the brothers..." Jeongin thought, remembering the conversation that he unintentionally eavesdropped on.

"Is your father home?" Jisung asked, not even minding the casual tone that he's using.

"After 2 years...that's your starting point?" Jeongin has an unamused expression plastered on his face. He is really interested in what they need and is willing to help but still, his ex-friend just suddenly showed up like they've been together within the 2 years that have passed.

"We've got no time!" Younghyun said, trying to help the boy with poor communication skills. "We're sorry about your ruined ideal reunion."

"I never thought of that anyway..." Jeongin sighed, crossing his arms together. "He's not home, why?"

"Are you aware that your dad's part of the Ominous?" Minho asked.

"Omin– what?"

The three shared glances with each other. "Yup, he doesn't know about it," said Jisung.

"About what? Fill me in! I'm confused!"

"Are you a ghoul now?"


"Can you visit the afterlife?"

"When I die of course..."

"This is hopeless," Jisung sighed, letting his head down with eyes closed. "What are we supposed to do now?"

"What time will your father be home?" Younghyun asked Jeongin, ignoring Jisung's whines.

"I'm sure he's on his way. Wait inside if you wish."

The boys complied of course. They want to meet his dad as soon as possible– for Hyunjin's benefit. If he wasn't Minho's friend, Younghyun wouldn't have done action so the poor ghoul got lucky.

"Where's Jinwoo noona?" Jeongin asked Minho, leaning against the wall with arms crossed over his chest. "Wasn't she supposed to be part of things like this? And also Seungmin hyung?"

"She wanted to be left behind for some reason so Seungmin stayed with her and that punk," said Minho, pointing his index finger at Jisung who's stuffing his cheeks with food once again. "Said that he wanted to be with his brothers only."

"Where did you get that!" Jeongin exclaimed. His eyebrows furrowed in fury. It took a lot of his spirit to keep himself from tackling Jisung to the ground.

The three brothers were all asked to sit on the couch as soon as they stepped inside Jeongin's house. They weren't given any food and nothing was close to their reach.

So where the hell did Jisung get that?

"Aihb gohwt mhoy fohkets fuhll," Jisung replied, still not swallowing the food.

"He said that he's got his pockets full," Younghyun suddenly said which surprised everyone.

"Woah... They are indeed, brothers!" Jeongin gushed, covering his mouth with both of his hands as his mouth was left agape.

"You're overreacting." Minho scoffed and let himself sink into the couch. "Why don't you sit down as well?"

"I want to watch you guys." As soon as the statement left Jeongin's mouth, his eyes widened and he immediately cleared it out. "Not in a weird way okay!"

After more minutes of random awkward conversations, the main door opened without any warning.

"Oh I see you have guests."

His father has arrived.

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