Chapter 1-Giggles and Goodbyes

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Stella agreed to stay home with Crystal until I get back. She wasn't happy that Nick was coming with me. I know if Will really is working for Patty I'll probably need backup. Nick and I are almost to Will's apartment building. I look up at his strong jawline and the reflection of the town lights off of his dark sunglasses. I don't know why he's wearing sunglasses at this hour of the night. Maybe he has eye problems.

We pull into the parking garage below Will's apartment building. Nick follows me over to the elevator and when we get inside I hit the fourth floor. The elevator beeps and the steel doors close.

"We must be careful about mentioning Patty to him. Would you rather do the talking? He may be more willing to confess." Nick probes while taking off his sunglasses and tucking them in his jacket pocket in one swift motion.

"We broke up," I confess with gloom and he grimaces.

The elevator doors open and Nick steps out of the elevator without further comment. I quickly follow after him down the dimly lit hallway, "Which number?" He sighs.

"Four twenty-three," I tell him while getting a bad feeling walking with him down the dark corridor. 

He stops at the last room on the right side of the hall and waits for me to catch up before knocking. When I reach his side, he pulls out his gun. I widen my eyes wondering what he's thinking holding it out toward the door after he pounds on it rather rudely with his knuckles.

"This is the procedure, Ms. Parway," Nick explains to me after seeing the startled look on my face.

What if Will isn't here? I knew I should have called him first before showing up here, but Nick said he might try to run away if he's in on Patty's awakening. Does he plan on breaking down the door if Will doesn't answer? He could be asleep at this hour.

Nick starts pounding on the door again, "Wixton Police Department! Open up!" He barks.

His face is calm, but if I were on the other side of the door I would have thought much differently. He sounds like he's ready to just barge right into Will's apartment and arrest him without cause. Will still doesn't answer and one of Will's neighbors steps out of their apartment wearing only their boxers and smoking a large cigar. He's an older plump man with a greying beard and carries a newspaper.

"I reckon you don't feed on duty, eh? That lady by your side looks mighty fine. A shame she's fell into such a line of work." The old man says and I look down at my outfit with a scowl.

I'm still in my pajamas which happen to be an old fashioned long white nightgown, but it doesn't mean I'm some wandering prostitute like this old fart thinks!

Nick ignores the gross man and continues knocking on Will's door.

"Let me call him-" I begin to say.

However, a grubby hand latches onto my waist and their sweaty sticky touch makes me squirm. Nick turns to face the man with his fangs extended, but the gutsy old man stands his ground even after I swat his arm away. Nick steps forward between the man and I. He holsters his gun in a jerky movement and straightens up looking down his nose at the old man.

The man squints up at Nick's police vest, "Ah, I knew it. Another no good policeman. Hybrid too, huh?" The man taunts while sharply poking Nick's arm seeing the VH on his uniform. A smile forms on the old man's face, "She looks willing. How much are you paying her? Come on, tell me. How I can get some of that?" The old man asks and I glare at him while hugging my arms.

Nick grips the man's arm and the man winces, "There is a necromancer on the loose. You should stay in your home, sir. It's too dangerous out here for me to discuss with you her price. Why don't we negotiate inside?" Nick tells the delusional man and I shiver at the level of sincerity in his tone and how genuine he sounds.

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