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Harry bites his lip as he takes the box up to the counter. The pharmacist smiles at him, as he puts the small objects on the counter.

She takes the blue, and white box and scans it. "This all for today?" the red haired woman asks.

"Yes, thanks." Harry says, quietly, looking around the chemist.

"That'll be six dollars. Do you need a bag?"

Harry shakes his head, and passes her the money, he gives her a small smile, and places the box in his pocket.

Harry makes his way out of the chemist, and down the street back to his house.

Once he gets there, he unlocks the door, and sneaks inside. Nobody's home, Anne is at work, Gemma is at her boyfriends, and Louis has gone to the park with Winter.

So now is the time.

Harry sighs, and walks up the stairs slowly. If what he thinks is right, he is going to be in a lot of trouble...

He doesn't know what's going to happen... He doesn't know how Louis will feel.

Harry makes it to his room, and kicks off his shoes. He lays down on his bed, hands trembling.

He can't be pregnant... The only time he forgot to take his tablets was when he found out Louis cheated. He didn't think he would need them. And he didn't think about it when he was with Cris.

Although Cris did wear a condom, Harry recalls, they are hardly protection for Omegas.

Oh jeez. If he is pregnant, he will have to have a DNA test, and it would be just his bad luck for it to be Cris'.

Louis would hate him, break up with him, and take Winter.

Harry lays in bed for a while longer, taking deep breaths. He needs to calm down, and think.

Maybe he could just tell Louis it's his? The times would match up, Harry could pull it off. But, he would always have this big lie on his shoulders. His baby would never know his real father, Cris would never know he has a child, and Louis would think it was his baby... Harry can't lie to Louis, can he?

Louis has always been truthful to him... Always told him when he had made a mistake. It's not fair if Harry keeps this from him.

Wait. Harry is jumping to conclusions, he doesn't even know if he is pregnant yet...

He decides he will do the test now, before he chickens out.

He gets up, and checks his phone first.
He notices he has a message from Louis.

Hi baby. I miss you, and love you so much. We will be home in about half an hour. Love you. 💚💙

Okay, Lou. Love you too. 💙💚

Harry walks into the ensuite, pregnancy test gripped on his hands.

Here goes nothing.

After its done, Harry goes back inside and sits on his bed, pregnanct test still in hand.

He bounces his leg as he waits for the result.

Finally, after what seems like an hour. More like five minutes, the stick makes a noise.

Harry looks down at it, and bits his lip.

Pregnant ||

A lot of you are concerned
There won't be a happy ending for
Louis and Harry. I've been getting a lot of PM's asking about it. 😂
Let's just say, I wouldnt put effort into writing a book if my main OTP (Larry 😍💚💙) wouldn't end up happily together. Love you all!

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