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The Ever Yonder; Agrillon, Lycan planet - 800 years ago. 

"Roux!" he ordered the Lycans after they led the entourage of visitors into his courtyard. Ceaser's Court stood a good twelve feet tall with ancient columns that bore the scars and tales of their ancients, reaching far into the ceiling flickering with an almost lifelike mural of the Lycan history.

Cozzain rose from the magnificent throne of jade incrusted in sacred Agrillon inscriptions, the very one that sat the first guardian of the Lycans, and descended to the unwelcomed guests standing before him underneath the hovering crimson chandelier.

"Son of Lithium..."

"Spare me your ridiculous frivolities." Cozzain waved his hand dismissively. He knew why they were here and it upset him greatly. Four seasons ago before the Crees made it this far North, he had gone to the Empress' Council with a plan to save the galaxies from the wrath of the Crees who were on a power hungry, world-dominating mission. They had refused to heed his counsel, now they were here seeking allegiance to band together for the war; a war that they could not win now. 

"We will not join you," Cozzain said. "I wish you well in the war, but we will not join with you, Agrillon will defend herself."

The emissary of Solaris laughed and Cozzain eyed her. Erein, as she was called, was commander of the Solaris fleet. The firstborn daughter of queen Xelyme of Solaris. Her people were the instigator of this war threatening the annihilation of the worlds, and yet they showed no remorse. As always, they thought too highly of themselves.

"You stand no chance with the Crees. You may be the almighty Cozzain, son of Lithium but you cannot do this alone," she argued, her tone matching the mockery in her eyes. "Join with us and we just might win this war."

"Did I not suggest this seasons ago? But the Solaris and the other members of the Defiled Realms know best," Cozzain returned, bile rising. "We will defend our homes ourselves you said, well, go do that and never return to Agrillon, it will mean your end," he warned.

The rest of the visitors backed away from him, all but Erein. She stood her ground with a glare that dared him and he hated it.

"Allow us access to Agrillion's creation stone. We need the stones of all the worlds if we ...

"I do believe I was clear when I said I want no part of this. That stone belongs to Agrillon and will remain with her! Fight your war alone!" Cozzain provoked. "Guardians! throw these peasants out of Agrillon." He went up to her where she stood on the crimson rug flowing like a Celestial creek from the throne to the large bronze doors. "The Empress' help you if you do not comply," he warned and stormed out of Ceaser's Court. 

The silhouette of a woman clothed in a robe reaching her feet, underneath the green Ciostravion skies piqued his interest

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The silhouette of a woman clothed in a robe reaching her feet, underneath the green Ciostravion skies piqued his interest. Agrillonites never ventured this far North without their steads, nor did their mates unescorted. Cozzian unmounted his DeathLord and reached the edge of the cliff in three brisk steps.

Ciostravion was dark and inhabited, save for the watchtower and port for intergalactic travel. Its skies were heavy with green fog and translucent lights from the Comet, beautiful to behold but deadly with prolonged exposure.

His crimson shaded dragon groaned and he cast a glance toward him. Meogir was transfixed on something beyond the veil of Ciostravion, where the Agrillon watchtower stood.

Cozzian's irises glowed deep amber as he peered closer at the shadowy figures by the tower. There was a ship in the port and it wasn't one of theirs. Cozzian turned back to the woman underneath Ciostravions comet but she was gone, all that remained was the reflection of the green fog in the lake overhead. He cocked his head to the side as he listened, like a wolf listening for the sound of its prey.

"Vyros!" he cursed.

Suddenly he could pick up on their scent. Whatever it was that brought those infidels to Agrillon couldn't be good. He climbed back ontop his Deathlord.

"Meogir, ithir!" he commanded. Meogir leaped into the sky with a loud growl. His wings glided through the wind in cascading glory, sharp and large like a peacock's ego. Cozzian closed his eyes shut, first alerting his generation one to the intruders with their psyche link. Once he was done, he let his senses travel the vastness of Agrillon, combing every nook and cranny of the world of which he was guardian.

"Meogir, to the Isle." His DeathLord obeyed and flew South of the terrain. When the Isle came into view, he climbed off of Meogir and dove into the foggy unknown. Meogir growled before spitting fire at the intruders sneaking up the sidesteps of the Isle.

Cozzian leaped from the depth of the darkness surrounding the Isle of Lithium with a world shaking howl loud enough to summon the fallen League of Agrillon. He landed on the front yard of the blessed Isle that housed the creation stone of Agrillon in his Lycan form. Fur a crystal white and canines as sharp as death. He said a spell in the old Agrillon tongue and the portal that led into the temple snapped shut with a deafening vengeance.

He heard them before they came into view; the minions of the vampire queen. His canines bared as he made them out amid the giant nebulous glow from Meogir's fireball.

"You defile me with your presence, children of Martha." His voice a bellowing echo that traveled the surround of the mysteriously foggy Isle in the middle of the Wrenching River. Several sets of red-rimmed eyes glared at him, with fangs stretched and stance battle ready.

It was silly really to attack the Agrillonites in their home, on the Isle of their oracles no less. The alpha's eyes glowed amber red as the power of the stone became one with him. His pure white fur slowly turned the color of blood.

They charged at the alpha and he let out a brawling laugh before leaping high into the sky, he returned to the ground with a thud that shook Agrillon. Cozzian drove a fist into the ground and red spiral orbs shot across the ground, disintegrating the vampires as it went.

"Cozzian, there are more en route," Egnir announced as he hopped effortlessly off his stead and landed beside his alpha.

Cozzian transformed from his Lycan form and walked to the edge of the Isle's fence. He looked about the river then turned to his commander. Their senseless attack on the Isle was conspicous, Mathra was more sensible than this. A frayed attempt to steal the Agrillon creation stone was hardly a panacea to the Cree problem at hand, something else was at play here.

"Ready the league, we leave for the Sunken Moon tonight." He walked to the portal of the Isle and held his palm to the palm imprint key path. "They will rue the day they thought to attack my world." The portal whizzed open as Egnir dipped in a bow and jumped off the Isle's fence. His white pegasus flew overhead just as Meogir landed in front of Cozzain.

Cozzian threw his stead a nod.

Keep watch.

Meogir groaned in acknowledgment and turned from his rider. Cozzian stepped into the temple and the portal snapped shut behind him.

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