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Writer of 'His Nerd Next Door'

I joined Wattpad two years ago. I was introduced to the app by my bestfriend at the time on our middle school bus. At first, I didn't get the app because I didn't think I would be interested in it. But after some time, I was home one day and downloaded the app on my phone.

And then the dawn of the obsession began. I read almost everyday, countless numbers of books. I didn't realize that I enjoyed teen fiction/ romance so much, and my love for the most cheesiest things, the nerd falling for the badboy.

I didn't start writing until almost a full year after I downloaded the app. At first, I had a book about a girl and a boy who fell in love at a summer camp. I can't remember the name of it.

I don't know why I stopped writing it, it just happened, and only about ten chapters in, I deleted it.

Then, about a month later, I tried again, starting my most popular book, His Nerd Next Door.

And from the start, I just felt so connected to it. I know, it's what everyone says, but it's true! I wanted the main character to resemble me in a way.

To be more specific, how I am extremely awkward and always seem to embarrass myself in front of others.

I just enjoyed writing it, not for views, or praise from others.

I feel like a lot of people start writing because they want views, or to be noticed, and when they don't get that, they give up.

Over six months of writing chapters, about one a week, by then, I was getting views by people who I became friends with.

I wish I could thank them for giving me support and encouraging me to write better and even helpful tips.

Using those tips, and reading their comments, I learned to enjoy writing even more. Knowing that something that I love doing is being recognized by at least one person really means something.

And over time, more and more views started to come in.

I didn't expect it. I started getting thousands of notifications each day, and some even went out of their way to contact me and tell me how I inspired them.

I was just amazed.

When a reader asks me about advice, I always say the number one thing that comes to mind.

Write because you like it. You should be able to love your characters, connect to them. If you aren't able to enjoy your own story, how will others?

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