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"We're back!" Harry yells, as they walk into the house with their hands full of bags.

They take them to the kitchen, Harry noticing Louis seemed a bit off. But decided not to mention it.

"I love you, Lou," he tells him, just as reassurance.

Louis gives him a tight, lipped smile. "I love you too."

Harry leans over to give Louis a kiss, to which Louis rejects. And okay, that hurt Harry.

"Why did you do that?" he asks, quietly, slowly, and skeptically.

"I'm just tired, hun," Louis tells him, starting to pack some of the shopping away.

"Too tired to give your mate a kiss? Whatever, Louis." Harry says, and leaves the room.

Louis sighs, closes his eyes, and leans against the counter. Harry's gonna leave him. He can see it. This baby is going to ruin everything. But Louis can't blame a baby, can he? It was his decision.

And honestly, Louis can't bring himself to hate the idea of having another kid. But he wants it with Harry. Only Harry.

He pushes himself off the counter, and continues to unpack the bags. While he is unpacking, he needs to think up a game plan. What's he going to do?

This child is his. And no matter what the circumstance, he is not going to ditch his child. He could never do that.

But Harry. The boy he loves most in this world. And Winter. They are his family, he can't ruin that.

He groans and slouches down on a stool at the kitchen table. He is still confused on what to do. His heart is beating fast, and his palms are sweaty.

He'll work it out tomorrow, he thinks to himself. Right now he just needs his babies. Harry and Winter.

He quickly finishes off his job, and then makes his way to go upstairs. Walking past the living room, earning a glare from Anne.

If she finds out about this, she will kill him.

He rushes upstairs, preparing in his head an apology to Harry. He knows his baby takes things to heart, but he still is stupid, and doesn't think.

Once he reaches the top stairs, he listens to see if he can hear crying or anything. He would hate himself even more if he made Harry cry... Again.

He opens their door, and is met by the most adorable sight. Both his babies asleep. Harry has Winter carefully held next to him.

Louis' heart skips a beat. They are his favourite people in the world.

He quietly goes over to them, and lays down next to them. He wraps his arm around Harry, and kisses his cheek.

"I love you, baby. And I'm sorry for everything. You don't deserve any of this. You only deserve happiness.

Louis holds him tighter, before deciding to text Joseph. He shifts carefully, grabs his phone, and the note that has Joseph's number on it.

When did you find out?


Yes. Answer my question.

A week ago...

You didn't tell me you weren't on birth control.

You didn't tell me you were with someone.

Whatever Joseph.
I want to come to an ultrasound when you have one. I want to be a part of this babies life.


What's your favourite boys name?
Mines Larry...  😅💚💙

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