Two idiots😂😝

19 7 16

When all my close friends were going away
I was shutting others as well out
Then you came in my life
And I wanna give you a shout out!

We met here on wattpad
Credit goes to Peek-A-Boo
Because I got amazing friends
And boo you're included too.😂

I thought I've become an introvert
I didn't like to share my pain
But you proved me wrong
And all my efforts went in vain.

I'm happy to have you in my life
God gifted me two idiots here
I'm gonna stick to you like a gum
And this is our bond to share!

I'm gonna dedicate my this poem to two idiots I met here on wattpad. And they made a special place in my heart in no time that I'm still in shock😶

*Drum rolls*

Peek-AA-BoO &


My two idiot friends 🤦

I know this is not that good, but I don't care 👅

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