forty two

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"this is gonna be fun!" hannah said putting her water bottle down on the table where the camera was.

"yeah, for you" i rolled my eyes, trying to make my hair look decent for the video. "you were just telling me it's gonna be practically all about me"

"yep!" she popped the 'p'. "people don't know your deepest secrets, they need to" she pressed the button to start recording. "hi guys! welcome back, today i'm here with one of my besties!" she hugged me.

"hi! i'm phe for those who doesn't know" i smiled.

"phe, tell us some things about yourself baby" she rested her chin on her hand.

"i'm ophelia ruggiero, i'm a 20 years old from vernon hills" i shrugged. "i like iced coffee and i really, really love kian and jc"

"oh, she really does" we both laughed. "today we're making something different" she had a devious smile on her face. "we're answering some juicy questions, spilling some tea, addressing some rumors, you choose" she grabbed her phone. "i made an instagram story and tweeted you guys to ask us some questions and we're answering them right now"

"but hannah is saying that i'm the one who's answering the questions" i rolled my eyes.

"yes! phe doesn't have a youtube chanel, so we need to know more about her personal life" hannah tucked some hair behind her ear. "so, do you wanna start?" she asked.

"yeah, it's your chanel" i gripped her phone, looking through some tweets to look for a question about her. "wow, there's a lot of questions about my personal life"

"ha! i knew it!" she clapped her hands.

"okay, do you have a boyfriend right now?" i looked at her. i already knew the answer, but i like to see her in this position.

"oh you hate me don't you?" we laughed. "yes"

"what?" i joked.

"no" she lied. "my turn now bitch" she turned her phone so i couldn't see what she was looking for. "why did you stop hanging out with the vlog squad?"

"i didn't" i frowned my brow. "these past two months i've been really busy with my job and my family" i tapped my fingers on my thighs, thinking. "i mean, i went to vernon hills almost three times in december, then i went to new york to visit timothée and charlotte, but... we're still friends, we just don't hang out all the time" i explained.

"mhmm" she hummed. "really?" hannah teased me.

"yeah, it's my turn" i opened her tweet on my phone so it could be more easy for the both of us. "who's the most fake and annoying influencer you've ever met?" i grabbed the water bottle and took a sip.

"jason nash" i almost spilled the water. "and i'm joking, i like everyone" she added. "do you have any beef with someone? like influencer or even the vlog squad"

"ha!" i exclaimed. i didn't want to say this on the video, but it was obvious i had with stassie and kelsey because that one time on halloween. hannah knew about this but they're her friends so i just said: "not that i remember"

"i'll pretend that you're telling the truth" and i rolled my eyes for the fifth time.

"do you ever hooked up with someone you found in your dms?" i asked.

"uuh..." she stopped to think. "yes" i widened my eyes.

"slut" i joked making her laugh.

"thanks" she checked her phone. "are you using david for fame?" hannah clearly made that question to annoy me.

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