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"All rise for the honorable judge Jerry

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"All rise for the honorable judge Jerry." A female judge walks in.

It's already looking on a brighter note. When it comes to serious matters such as children I prefer to deal with the female judges. They look more into just who makes more, who has more but which parent will keep this child safe and properly taken care of.

The jury is told to sit while Tammy and I along with the other party continue to stand.

"This is case #1763....another custudy battle. It really pains me having to sit through these kind of things. Bringing a child into this world requires two so why can't raising the child be just as easy for those involved. Let's get this over with. Would the defendant make their opening case?"

Gabe's lawyer takes the floor. "Ladies and gentlemen of the're honor.....the percentage of children growing up without a father is steadily growing. I'd give you a number right now but I'm sure it's already changed since my last checking. Parenting is a two body job no one person can handle the stress and physical and emotional at times mental pulling that comes with raising a child which is why god made it so that no one person alone could and yet here we are. The percentage of children being wrongfully taken from their father as you can see is also steadily changing we have another percentage right here. Please help me bond back together something precious I really want all of you to listen closely not just with you're ears. No don't just hear what is said today actually listen with you're eyes ears...and heart."

The jury looked to be somewhat intrigued by that opening but I'm not gonna let myself worry just yet. Standing I button my jacket taking the floor.

"I'm not gonna prolong this case anymore than needed. My client and the defendant were in a relationship not a great one but it created a life. You see the percentage of fatherless children was mentioned along with the percentage of children taken from their fathers. What about the percentage of fathers who choose to leave. Fathers who abandon their responsibilities willingly. Ones who know what they'd done but just don't want anything to do with this child. This man part of that number and the only reason we are here today in this room is because someone here and I'm not gonna say who has not fully grown up yet. He saw his job being done he saw what he thought was left to the back of his mind and years later he thinks he's a better fit for a life changing commitment? I think not and ladies and gentlemen I have no doubt you will agree with me."

It was quiet as expected. I originally wanted for this to be a more personal setting but it's clear Gabe wants to play as a victim. We won't let that happen. As expected Gabe went up first he'll have to set the tone for his case. He's gonna try to put on a real good show which is the only reason they bargain so hard for one in the first place. I honestly believe in cases like this a jury is not necessary because the judge has the ultimate decision. This is simply a choice between right and wrong.

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