sixteen; birds and cats

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[ warning; this chapter mentions a sensitive topic, read the author's note for more details. ]

C H A P T E R  S I X T E E N ;

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C H A P T E R S I X T E E N ;

finn's pov;

" b u l l s h i t , it's not possible to fit a whole ass fist in your mouth!" caleb scoffed, aiming the basketball for the hoop and beaming with satisfaction as he got it in.

"then how'd sadie do it?" i exclaimed, balling my fist and estimating if i should try again. it doesn't actually look that hard, maybe in my fifth try i could get it.

"she's magical dude," caleb laughed, throwing me the ball. hearing him hype me up, i aimed for the basket hearing a groan when i missed.

"hey not that bad!" i smiled, "tell that to the wall you keep hitting," caleb sighed, dribbling it back over to the center.

i ran my hand through my curls, knowing damn well that i suck at basketball (or any sport for that matter).

"c'mon i don't wanna be late," i groaned while grabbing my hoodie off the bleachers.

"boring, class isn't for five minutes," caleb blandly commented, continuing to make shots in the empty gym.

"see ya."

"aight bye," he responded, as i pushed open the side door and readjusted my bag on my shoulder.

walking along the stone path, the sky presented a cluster of dark clouds some distance away meaning rain was arriving later on.

avoiding a wet splatter of bird crap, gross, i knocked on maddie's dorm room door and waited.

hearing the music switch off, i assumed she was dancing again. she'd never show me her competitive routines or dance around me at all, which i thought was weird, but she always got first prize in the contests.

maybe maddie was embarrassed, or didn't think i would get it? i mean c'mon i understand for sure.

maddie swung open the door and popped a kiss on my cheek before closing it. "you know i understand the art of dancing and stuff," i said, slipping my hands into my pockets.

you look like a robot when you dance," she scoffed, and we began our way to our third class. "isn't that a good thing, the robot is a dance," i lightly chuckled.

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