Starstruck Chapter 1. Accidental Meeting

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Starstruck has been originally published on Wattpad at 2014. At 2015, I published it on Amazon and it became an instant best-seller. At 2016, it was placed into Hooked, a revolutionary mobile application. And at 2017, it was turned into a mobile game.
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"Hey mom, what floor is the photo shoot again?" I asked cheerfully.

"Hon, it's on the 22nd floor. Just inform the guard on the lobby that you're here for Andrea and he'll let you in. I already instructed him about it, so there won't be a problem. Thanks so much sweetie, I don't know what I'll do without you," she said on the other line.

"No problem mom, school is still a week away, so I'm not busy or anything. Ok, I'm nearly there, see you in a bit, bye." I ended the call and continued driving. Once I found a parking spot, I maneuvered the car expertly to the area and stopped. I grabbed the keys and the bag that my mom requested and went on my way to the building.

 I whistled softly when I saw the building that I'd be entering. Wow, my mom's client must be rich or famous. This skyscraper was one of the largest here in the city. It was a good thing that I was only headed to the 22nd floor. I was not particularly thrilled with heights. 

The guard that mom was referring to greeted me on the lobby. Once I told him my mom's name, he showed me to the elevators, and I thanked him before pushing the button for my stop. No one entered the elevator car on my way up, giving me enough time to ponder on things. My mom was usually an organized person. I wondered why she forgot the bag that she was going to use for work.

The elevator opened with a ding and I walked casually to the floor. I headed to the room that mom indicated and entered after knocking. Inside, everyone was busy preparing for the photo shoot. Photographers were setting up their equipments, people who were in charge of the wardrobe were carefully selecting an outfit, and different individuals were doing their own set of tasks. In the corner sat my mom Andrea, the make-up artist.

She's been a businesswoman all her life but switched to this line of work 5 years ago to pursue her real calling. At first, she started with small clients. As years passed, her clientele grew, and today, she's known as one of the top make-up artists in the area. With her expertise, it was no surprise that she bagged a big gig like this. I wonder who her client was this time.

"Hey mom," I greeted while handing the bag to her.

"Thanks sweetheart! You're such a lifesaver. I was so caught up in work that I forgot to bring my other makeup kit. It's lucky that you came in time. I have a big client that I don't want to disappoint." She gave me a huge smile, the edge of her eyes crinkling.

I took a good look at my mom, a 40 year old woman. To say that she was beautiful was an understatement because she was drop dead gorgeous. She could have easily been an actress with her looks, but she chose to be a makeup artist instead, which I was totally cool with. She had reddish shoulder-length hair, brown eyes that seemed to look into your soul, and a quirky smile that never failed to bring one to my own lips.

People would often say that I was an exact copy of her, only younger, but I never believed them. While her hair was soft and silky, mine was long and untamable. Maybe I got that from my father who passed away when I was young. Our eyes were different too. Hers were soulful while mine was just plain old brown. I think the only thing we had in common with regards to our appearance was our height of 5'8" and a slender body. At least I got that from her.

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