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"Because I like you."

Chaeyoung smiled for a second and retract her head from Mina. Mina just had her blank face while Chaeyoung leaned her back on the wall staring at the ceiling, "But I know. You don't like me." she turned her head back to Mina, "Yet."

Mina who had her blank face now stare back at Chaeyoung with a guilt expression on her face, "I'm sorry, Chae-" just to got cut off by Chaeyoung's finger on her lips.

"I know. But it doesn't mean you won't like me back later in the future." she stare back at the ceiling with a slight smile on her face, "So please, just let me atleast try to open your heart. Whether you're going to opened it or not for me, it's your decision. But, please let me fight for you?" now she was staring at Mina lowering her head for a bit.

Mina just looked at her with the same guilt face on her. Chaeyoung could feel a little panic attack on the corner of her heart but she tried to calm it down by taking a breath,"Hm?" she said now with aegyo cupping her own face pouting her mouth.

Mina slowly nodded her head and bites her lips, which in a reflect make Chaeyoung touch it while whispering, "Don't bite your lips too much. It would hurt you." she said caressing it slowly.

Mina retract her head from the younger touch and cleared her throat.  The silent accompanied their awkward situation. Chaeyoung tried not to be awkward but Mina just can't. She kept looking around the room while shooking her pupils as the result of nervousness. Not long, Dahyun went inside with a bouquet of flower on her hand making Mina sighed contently as she just saved them from the uncomfortable situation. Looking at this chance, Mina quickly packed her things and stood up from the chair. "I'll see you later, get well soon. Son Chaeyoung-ssi." Mina said with a slight smile and bowed her head to Dahyun. She dashed herself quickly from the room.

"What was that?" Dahyun said with her obvious confuse expression while pointing her thumb toward the door indicating at the now gone girl.

"I said it." Chaeyoung said it while sighing loudly. "I shouldn't have said it. It's too soon!" she grabbed her hair and cursed, "Fuck! I messed it up!"

"What? What did you say?" Dahyun walked toward the bed and held Chaeyoung's hand which keep grabbing her messy hair.

"I like her." she said to the air with her blank eyes still grabbing her messed up hair, "I said that I like her."

Dahyun made an 'O' shape with her mouth and chewed on her lips slightly, "Oh my god. That's cool, mate! So? "

"Then she left! I made a distance between us! She's awkward!" Chaeyoung screamed while moving her hands toward the air frustrated about the incident before.

Dahyun tried to stop the younger's act and held the latter's hand, "Hey hey. Fractured rib. Just make her comfortable again. You're soooo overreact." she said smirking.

"Augh!" Chaeyoung kept pulling her hair frustrated, "When will I discharge from this hell!?" she said glaring at Dahyun.

"The day after tomorrow? Why?"

"I'll fix it." Chaeyoung said covering her whole face.

"Hahah, fine if you say so." Dahyun said flopping her body to the sofa. Let her both arms becoming her pillow.


The voice of the radio that echoed inside the bus became a background music toward Mina's deep thinking.

"Because I like you."

She sighed and leaned her head to the window beside her and staring at the street that passed by her.

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