Chapter Thirty: Gift

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     "Is that really you?" I called out, more confident this time.

     Her impossibly glowing figure stepped down from her throne of light, cast a shadow on the ground that races passed me. I take a chance and look up at her, her pale, perfect face radiating a cool feeling that washes over my warm body. However when I tried to get a glimpse of her face I was only met with blinding light, like staring into the sun, shaped as a goddess. I squinted my eyes as she stepped closer, but I still couldn't make out any features.

I heard her laugh that was cantabile, soft and warm, "My child, I am not a defined figure, I am a presence. I do not take of the physical attributes of a woman, nor a wolf."

Her hand make of light reached out to beacon me to follow her. She turned and started walking, making me follow obediently. I wasn't scared of her, she made me feel calm, even though I had done terrible things in my years of living. I assumed she was going to punish me for the eternity of my afterlife, but I couldn't find the fear.

     As if reading my mind, "You're not dead, my dear Calla. You're asleep."

     "H-how am I here?" I looked around, realizing I had no idea where we were. Everything was white, like we were walking on endless clouds. There was no sense of direction and if she wasn't leading us I would never know which way to go. The white stretched endlessly, not a soul in sight. Were we above the earth? Below it? Inside it? Were we even on earth?

     "You're not." She said simply, her voice a mere echo in my head. "You're consciousness has traveled here, but your body is still in the infirmary. Percyus is still by your side." The thought of him sitting next to me worrying over me made me smile a goofy smile.

     "Why am I here?" I ask, noticing she fell in step with me now. I hadn't notice her slow down. I stayed next to her, finding it liberating to freely walk next to someone without punishment or guilt. She took that all from my mind.

     I could feel her seriousness cloud my mind, and the smile that once took over my face dropped slightly. "It's about your old pack."

     I bristled, for the first time feeling cold. Goosebumps rose along my skin, even though the light figure next to me was emitting heat. I swallowed hard, "What about them?"

     She sighed, "They've done something terrible. They realized how much harder life would be without you taking care of you, and they want you back. They have tricked many, including myself. Lorenzo poisoned you, but he wasn't in his own mind. You mustn't blame him. I have wrongly punished him, and it's something I cannot take back. You must forgive him."

     "My old pack made him poison me? They hate me, why would they ever want me back? Can't they just find someone new?"

     "Finding someone new means training them to do what you did, to be obedient like you were." She spoke solemnly.

     My throat felt thick. "Can't you do something to stop them?"

     "No, my child. This is your battle. You must fight it, you must fight them. Stand up for yourself."

     "I can't fight." I cried, suddenly feeling the emotions she was trying to suppress in my mind as if they had overpowered her. Tears sprung to my eyes. "I don't know how, and I can't fight them. I-I'm too scared."

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