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"Wh-what? Why would you want to know anything about us?" The fearful twin asked. "Yeah, we're not telling you jack-shit." The other twin said, protectively standing in front of his brother. "Uh... I know I just woke up and all, but we shouldn't make the guy with armor angry... At least... I don't think so..." Eliot said, his white hair tussled as he leaned back on the blond boy.

"He does have a point." Blond boy says, pointing to Eliot, who had adopted him as his new pillow. "Y-yeah, he does. I'm Alex. He's Max." The timid twin said, introducing his brother who rolled his eyes but said nothing.

Then, food and a table appeared, and they all looked at the food, then back at Percy. "I'm Clockwork, and I'll be your host for the night." Percy said, nodding to the table, of which no one wasted anytime to pouncing on. "I don't even know where this food came from, but this is great." The boy with black hair said. The two girls ate quickly, as if they were afraid someone would take it from them. Alex and them had cowered together, scarfing down more food than Percy would expect from someone as small as they were.

"Oh right. I'm Ali." The boy with black hair said. "I'm Desmond, my twin sister is Diana." Blond boy said, introducing himself and the blonde girl. Percy could've laughed at the fact one of their names were 'Diana'.

Th last girl, the one with brown hair said nothing. "She's Amanda. She doesn't talk much." Eliot said with a yawn. He finished his food far before anyone else had, and he leaned on Max with his eyes closed, who shoved him off. Eliot still had his eyes closed as he fell to the ground, rolled over, and stopped moving completely. Percy heard soft snoring, and he rolled his eyes, but it's not like anyone would be able to see.

"I'm stuffed." Ali said, leaning back and patting his stomach. Desmond nodded in agreement. "Okay, I know I've eaten a lot, but the food isn't disappearing." Max pointed out.

Hefty, can you connect me with Lady Hestia?

Alright. Make sure you hurry this up, I have a job for you to do.

Yes, Clockwork?

Milady Hestia, I thank you, and my sincerest apologies with not having them sacrifice any food.

It was a gift, no apologies needed.

Silently thanking Hestia again, Percy turned to the demigods who were talking quietly amongst themselves, all except for Eliot, who was now propped up so he was leaning on Desmond, and Amanda, who was off on her own, a way off from the others.

The food vanished from before them, making the ones chatting stop and stare.

That was me, because you hate cleaning.

Hephaestus was back. Percy chuckled quietly. He only hated cleaning because of living in Hephaestus' workshop so long clean things just looked... Unnatural. Well, his workshop on Olympus, not the workshop that caused Bianca di Angelo's death.

"Hey... Where'd the food go?" Max asked. "It's about time we get moving. We have somewhere to get to." Percy said, nodding towards the truck. "I thought you wanted us to 'tell you about ourselves'." Max said. 

"And I thought you 'weren't telling me jack-shit.' But I may be wrong." Percy pointed out. Max huffed but said nothing. "What about us do you want to know?" Ali asked. "Well... Godly parents, maybe any significant things about you that the people who drugged you would've taken you, how they got a hold of you... That kind of stuff." Percy informed them.

"Why would we tell anything when you haven't even shown us your face." Max scoffed. The red headed boy was really starting to irritate him, but Percy removed his helmet, revealing his messy black hair and scarred face.

His face was rarely seen by anyone other than Hephaestus, and while Aphrodite had helped him with aesthetic skin for his limbs, even she had never gotten a look at his face.

"Woah. I did not expect this." Ali said, his jaw slack and his eyebrows raised. Percy knew he had an impressive scar which traveled down his face, and that it seemed to gather a lot of attention, as the scar was stitched together by wires. Electrical wires, which Percy could use to channel electricity through his body, whether to keep his heart beating or just to mess with Zeus and Thalia.

"My names is Clockwork. My creator is Hephaestus. Your turn." Percy said, then he placed his helmet back on. "Ali Jenson, son of Phoebe." Ali said. "Maximo and Aleksei Sanchez, sons of Asteria." Alex said when Max still didn't say anything. Percy was going to tell them there was no need to be so formal, but then just let it be.

"Desmond Lucan, son of Hyperion." Desmons said. "Diana Lucan and, uh, ditto, except, of course the son part." Diana said, and that was the first Percy had heard her say so many words at once.

"Eli is the son of Hypnos." Desmond said. "What about her? Amanda?" Percy inquires, looking over to the eyed and brown haired girl. "No idea. She told us her first name her age and she said nothing else." Desmond said.

Right. Well, so far, almost all of them were children of Titans, Eliot being the only known exception until Amanda's parentage is revealed. When did the Titans find the time to reproduce?

They told Percy how they were caught, weeks prior, almost all at the same college and without any knowledge of their godly sides. They all had no existing mortal family except for the two sets of twins. Their ages were 19 though 23, the youngest being Amanda and the eldest being Ali.

They were at a party, all of them except Amanda, who they said came in a week after themselves. Most were drunk, the only sober ones had been Eliot and Alex, Eliot most likely having been kidnapped while asleep, and Alex had been kidnapped the old fashioned way-

Dragged into a car.

Percy wondered how monsters never located them, or how traffickers knew they were demigods - ahem - or in some cases, demititans, in the first place.

Amanda was still silent, though she let Percy lead her to the truck with no protest. She sat next to him in the actual seats while the others road in the back if the giant truck, chatting loudly.

Percy couldn't see Diana as a huntress, as she didn't seem to have any bad experiences with boys, and was as thick as thieves with her brother and the other boys, so he headed to camp first to drop them off. No monsters bothered them for the miles that Percy drove to camp half-blood, which was strange, and Amanda refused to go into the camp.

After a few minutes of trying to convince her to go into the camp, he decided to see if she would rather join the hunters.

Turns out, she didn't.

"Amanda, where is it that you want to go?" Percy asked her softly. "H-home." She said quietly, after a while. The others hadn't asked for home, they had no family, so they had no reason. But Amanda had said nothing, and maybe, just maybe, she did have a family.

"Okay, I'll take you home." Percy promised her.

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