2018: Chapter 15

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I haven't spoken to Nick since the incident at the hospital a few days ago. I couldn't believe he threatened to take the kids away from me for good! Was he jealous? Or does he just hate me for some reason? First the breakup, then the custody agreement, then the fight, then the hospital incident? What's next?!

I was in the living room playing with Mason and Kehlanhi, waiting for Liam to come home from recording. It was getting late, almost nine o'clock. "It's time for bed babies" I said. Mason whined. "But I wanna see Daddy" he said. I sighed. "You won't be seeing him for a while" I said while I tucked them into bed. I went downstairs to make myself a quick snack before bed, when I heard the front door open. It was Liam... and another girl?! They were making out, while Liam was pressing her against the door. My anger levels rose. "Having fun there?" I questioned. Liam obviously assumed it wasn't me. "Yeah we actually had round one at the studio and- CLARISSA?!" He shouted, shocked as ever. I took off my engagement ring and gave it to the girl Liam was getting steamy with. "Enjoy it" I said Bluntly. I was beyond pissed off at him. We LITERALLY just got back together and he cheated on me. I was going to move out tomorrow. And I knew there was only one place I could go to... Nick's house.

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