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MSCheerPrincess0526- use headphones for the song above.

?????- WhY tHe FuCk ArE wE ALL HeRe?!?

???- Oh shush.

MSCheerPrincess0526- *whispers* i ship it.

?????- Da FuCk YoU sAy BiTcH?!

???- *holds ????? back* Calm down!!!

?????- No! FuCk YoU!!!

MSCheerPrincess0526- Oh god...

???- You were saying?

MSCheerPrincess0526- Oh yeah!!! I wanted to thank you guyes for over 200 views!!! It's the most I've ever had!!!

Sans- yep. give the kiddo some slack. she works her butt off surring school and with her violin.

MSCheerPrincess0526- Thank you Sans.

?????- ThIs Is BulLsHit...

????- Yep.

?????- No OnE aSkEd FoR yOuR gOd DaMn OpInIoN!!!

MSCheerPrincess0526- HEY!!!! I just wanted to say thank you and to please comment more ships!!!

Frisk- Please like and comment if you want more content!!!

MSCheerPrincess0526- You sound like a youtuber!!!

Frisk- I do, dont I?

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