forty one

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when i got to los angeles, it was four in the morning and all my confidence just faded away. i didn't know what to do, maybe all of this was a bad idea. i was texting charlie like crazy, hoping that she was awake to answer, while standing in the middle of the airport, mentally lost.

charlie✨: fr you're so fucking stupid
like oh my god just go to his house
and say that you love him it's simple
you're the one that is making
everything even more difficult so
just go

phe😋: i'm shitting my pants

charlie: so what?
it's time for you to take risks ophelia
stop being such a pussy and just do it
or i'll beat your mf ass

i locked my phone, sighing. just go ophelia, it's simple. call an uber to his house and knock on the door, nothing scary. and i did. i called an uber and almost had a panic attack on the way to david's house. but charlie told me to not be a pussy so i won't be, i can't be. it's not healthy for me to keep denying my love for david and not being with him.

the guy parked in front of david's garage and thanked him, giving the money because i lost my credit card in new york. i hopped off, getting my bags on the trunk before going to the front door. the house was dark, with only some lights on, not lighting up everything. i knocked on the door three times and saw a sleepy ilya come to get it. "what the fuck phe? it's four in the morning" he whispered.

"i know" i nodded. "happy new year" i gave him a small smile.

"what are you doing here? what's up with the suitcase?" he pointed to the big suitcase by my side.

"i was in new york but i needed to talk to david, so here i am" i bit my bottom lip.

then, a confused dima appeared behind ilya. "what's going on?" he asked as he got closer.

"she's here to see david" ilya answered getting my bag and putting closer to the big mirror.

"hey dima" i hugged him quickly and took off my shoes.

"he's sleeping in his room" ilya said.

"he's not like... with another girl or something, right?" i asked, feeling my cheeks burn.

"if he were, i wasn't going to let you go in there" he rolled his eyes, smiling. "now go, because we want to get some sleep"

"just don't moan so loud, heard some rumors" dima joked and i laughed quietly.

after that i went to his room, opening the door carefully to not wake him up with the noise. i got closer to his bed, on my tip toes, and saw him sleeping in such a peaceful way on the middle of the bed, with just the night light on his face. i sat down by his side and ran my hand through his messy hair, stopping on his cheek. i rubbed david's face and with that, he shot his eyes open. "ophelia?" his raspy voice asked. "am i dreaming? what are you doing here?" he sat up and i laughed seeing his sleepy face.

"no, i'm really here" i blushed.

"why?" he wasn't being rude, just trying to understand why i was here at that time.

"well, i was just in new york and i got in the first flight back to los angeles just to tell you that i love you too, so here i am" i said quickly.

"wait, wait" david started and turned on the little lamps to light up just the bed. "you were in new york and?" i knew he heard me, because he had a small smile playing on his lips.

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