Play 5: The Secret Gender

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I sat there silently, staring at the door. I would be in danger if I stayed here any longer, but I was running out of options. Moreover, it seemed that those Shinsengumi guys wouldn't let me go anytime soon. I almost wobbled to the nearest wall to bang my head on.
  "How is it that the clouds still hang on you?" I mumbled a line of King Claudius from Hamlet. "Man, this talent is a burden sometimes..."
  With a imaginative scriptwriter and a refined actress as parents, I guessed it wouldn't be hard to have a child with an acting talent. People thought I was blessed with a gift from the gods, but I begged to differ--this talent caused me more problems than I could think of. My father and mother expected greater things from me. Students avoided me for they were afraid to approach me. I had to say that the talent was the only good thing in my life. Also, not to mention that since my parents were so famous in their line of work, they had no time to be handling me. Naturally, they hired servants and butlers to help around the mansion.
  Ever since young, I was doing things to attract my parents' attention. From drawing pictures on their expensive clothings to ruining their important scripts and makeup--but none of them worked. They just dismissed it as a kid's tantrum, and bought me more things to entertain me. I gave up wanting them to notice me more then.
  When I reached six, adults discovered my acting gift and put me into plays. That got me several trophies and certificates, and I perhaps got a little overexcited showing them to my parents. My father didn't say anything, but my mother just snorted and looked at me for the first time. I was elated until she spoke the words that made my blood ran cold.
  "It's because of us that adults chose you for the plays."
  She said that with a disgusted look on her face while glancing down at me. Then she turned back to her phone, dialing on her manager about her next big project. From then on, I decided to step out of their shadows and make a name for myself, with my own hard work.
  Along the years, I noticed something too--my speciality was acting as royalties, especially those of male roles. My drama teacher in middle school also stated that when I acted as Susan from Don't Drink The Water I did not show as much charisma as I did with Jim Finch in A Cup of Kindness. It was one of the reasons why I decided to focus on enhancing my gift of acting as a male for now instead of a female despite being a girl.
  The international competition was the one easy way to get my name and gift spread far and wide, and after winning it I would take on a main female role in another play. Yes, these were my dreams--to win the competition and to get a main female role. Nothing would stop me from having them fulfilled--not even being stuck in this hellhole of a world.
  Coming to a conclusion, I stood up from the floor and made my way to the door. Since they didn't have my legs tied, I could move around almost freely. I slided the door open, ready to run out of there--
  I had bumped into Kondou, and stumbled heavily onto the floor. I grimaced as I saw the rest of the Shinsengumi staring at me, almost in disappointment.
  "Oh my...That was rather bold. I assume that you wanted to run away?" Sanan stepped into the room, his voice gentle but cool. When I didn't answer, he continued with a smile. "Trying to run was not wise...It will only make your situation more difficult." I gulped, my entire body suddenly tense.
  "I told you once, and I won't say it again...Run and I'll gut you." Hijikata looked stern, his eyes filled with quiet rage.
  I swallowed again, not wanting my voice to shake from fear. "Are you going to...kill me?"
  Souji stepped up, smirking. "Sorry, but we can't trust a kid who can't keep a promise." I could have responded in a witty manner, but I couldn't get my voice to work. If I could give them the element of surprise, I could get away, but the chance was very slim. Glaring, I clutched my teeth together as I stayed as still as possible.
  "Then...will you at least give me a chance to explain my situation?" I asked slowly and cautiously. "Maybe then, I'll let you do whatever you want." I bit my lip hard. What am I saying? If I die here, then there is no way I could get home.
  A sudden burst of laughter startled me, and I looked up to see Souji sniggering. I tightened my fists as I glared, waiting for him to finish his crazy chuckling.
  "Oh, you're a funny one...I have to admit, maybe we were a little rough on ya. So just relax, okay? We aren't going to eat you." Souji had his usual smirk on his face, and I held back the temptation to slap him.
  "You were treating me really roughly, and who knows what you people have been feeding on..." I muttered under my breath, but fortunately the members of Shinsengumi didn't hear it. Souji heard it though, and chuckled again.
  "Heh," he said grinning, "Don't think I've ever seen such an innocent girl."
  "Yes, yes," I mumbled, shrugging like it was no big deal. "I'm such an innocent--grh!" My head snapped at Souji's direction in disbelief. "Y-you knew all along that I'm a girl!?"

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