Chapter 1

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"Have you seen Edmund, Dawnie?"

I spun around to look at my sister. She had changed much in the last year. Her hair was beautifully waved and silky, she was taller and her face slimmer and more defined, her eyes still held their shine. Her figure was beginning to come in as well which I knew she was self conscious of as I spotted her watching older girls with good looking boys jealously. I even spyed her looking in the mirror back in our room with one of my dresses, I thought it looked lovely but she had quickly put it away when she noticed me. She was even taller than me now, not that I minded being short, but soldiers that were in the area seemed to find it oddly attractive and never left me alone. I did what i could to avoid them, I wish Caspian was here with me.

Oh, Caspian.

I had been over a year since I had seen him and not a day or night past without me thinking or dreaming of him. Lucy and Edmund noticed how hard it was for me to be away from Narnia, even more than before. Not just because of Caspian but a few weeks after we came back we had all begun to notice including myself that I wasn't well. I was paler and skinnier, my hair lifeless and dull, my eyes were usually a bit red or even bloodshot when I felt quite bad. Lucy was the one to discover what was wrong.

While in Narnia my powers had developed even more, so here with practically no magic in the air and almost impossible to even tap into the Deep Magic, it was taking its toll on me. I was a magical creature, in a world with no magic. I used my magic a little each day even if it was just to hold my hair in a style or to turn the page of a book or even just to shut the window. This seemed to help and eventually I was looking and feeling better but this wasn't until after Susan and Peter had left.

Peter was studying with Professor Kirk but had gone with Susan to meet with our parents. We got the odd letter and telegram but that was all. I was wrong in thinking that being in Narnia again had made us closer, if anything it split us apart. The elder siblings and the younger ones. The three of us were closer but it was hard at times without the older two, it didn't help that Edmund was always trying to go join the-.

"He must be trying to enlist again!"

Lucy seeing I was right, rolled her eyes. Sure, Edmund wasn't that far off eighteen but they would never believe him, they never did. But he kept trying. I never understood why he would want to. Its not like they will be fighting with swords and bows, Edmund has no experience with guns. Our wars back in Narnia are completely different to this one. Bombs, tanks, guns, trenches and lets not forget gas. If anything that's the worst, you can't fight that. I couldn't bare it if I lost my twin brother to his foolish belief that because he has won wars and is brilliant in tactics will help him survive the war. No one would probably listen to his tactic plans he would be just and eighteen year old boy expected to listen and follow.

 No one would probably listen to his tactic plans he would be just and eighteen year old boy expected to listen and follow

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I brushed down my long, pale cream skirt and fixed the bow that held my cardigan shut. I was wearing a calf length cream dress with one shoulder with three layers of lightly waved fabric going across the neckline. Over it was a brown cardigan and on my feet were a pair of light pink low heeled pumps.

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