"You make a fair point," she regards me with a look of pity before turning back to Sebastian, "You have until noon," her expression is blank as she threatens him. "You chunder, you clean it." She turns around and walks down the stairs.

He looks at me with puppy dog eyes and a pout. "You're on your own, Bass," I laugh, only stopping when my throat hurts.

I shuffle back into my room and see Olivia taking one step every few seconds towards the bathroom. "What are you doing?" I ask slowly.

"Need... water," she gasps dramatically, taking another step.


It's the Friday before mom and dad come back from their vacation and the whole two weeks had been a blur of school and homework. Sebastian, Nathan, and the rest of the team have been training three times a week since their season starts in March.

The girls and I have been making a point to hang out more since Courtney went on a rant about how she was the only single girl in the group and how we don't have any more time for her.

The teachers are becoming a lot stricter this semester since it's our last. All the seniors are tense and nervous about college and finals. We still have prom to worry about too but that comes last. Realizing that in just six months I'll be in New York starting my first semester of college is daunting, and I feel completely unprepared for it.

"Harry?" I knock on his door gently.

"Come in," I hear a muffled reply and I push the door open. He's sitting at his desk, with his reading glasses on, reading a large textbook and typing on his laptop. "What are you still doing up, it's almost two in the morning?" He looks over at me and turns his desk chair, gesturing to his bed for me to sit on.

"I just... wanted to talk," I trail off, looking around his room. When he had moved away for college, which is only a couple of hours away, it was like he was never coming back. He had packed up every poster and trinket that had decorated his room since he was a kid. We used to sit in here and eat junk food so that we didn't have to share with the others. Now it's just barren, like any other guestroom someone would have in their house, all his swimming trophies are in the attic and he took all his pictures of us over the years down too.

"Are you okay?" he asks, tilting his head to the side, trying to read my expression.

"Yeah, I'm fine. I was just thinking about college," I tell him nervously, my eyes sweeping the plain room. "Why don't you visit as much as you used to?" I blurt out curiously. During his first year of college he would be home every other weekend and we would spend the weekend laughing and catching up, all of us hanging out all the time; now we're lucky to see him on special occasions.

He sighs and brushes his hand over his hair, he looks over at me, "Lottie, I'm here all the time. I was here for the twins' birthday-."

"After I begged you for two straight days," I interrupt him.

"Okay, and what about when you hurt your knee again? That was a surprise visit," he says snapping his fingers at me, knowing he's caught me.

"That was five months ago, Harry, and last time we saw you was Christmas, and you were always with your friends then too," I say quietly. He rubs the side of his jaw in anguish.

"Lottie, things change when you go to college, and first I was terrified because I was in a new place by myself and I knew that at the end of the day I couldn't just come home to you guys, I had to learn how to slowly let go of that, become more independent," he rolls his desk chair closer to the bed so that he's sitting in front of me.

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