Chapter 10|I'm a genius!

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Everyone started applauding, and then someone opened the door. And guess who?

Yes my friends, you was once again right it was the heroine or in other words Luisa Evans.

"I'm v-very s-sorry I didn't m-mean t-to interrupt y-you! "

Really? That was the best you thought about?  I'm dissapointed in you heroine...

"*sigh* it's okay, please take your sit we will start the test shortly. We will cal on the stage each one of you, see this sphere here? You need to place your hand on it and concentrate your energy in the sphere and we will see your attribute and talent. "

He called many kids and I can I'm a bit nervous, because half of them hadn't passed. Okay now our turn let the five stars of valencia shine again!

"Sedrik Cameron"

Sed stands up and begins to walk to the stage.

"You go Sed, everything will be alright! "
I whisper quietly to him and he smiles in return.

As excepted from him, he got a very powerful fire and a rare nature attributes.

Next was... "Albert Crawford"

"You can do this Al! "
He smiles at me and nod his head slightly.

As I already knew he got a good wind and rare nature attributes.

"Edward Marsden"

"Good luck Ed"
He smiles slightly and says thanks.

He got a strong water and a rare ice attributes.

"Vincent Fleming"

"Show them what you got little bro! "

He smiles at me, "Always"

As expected from my adorable brother he got a rare nature and light attributes.

"Luisa Evans"

Hohoho i waited for this for sooo long, now let the show begin.

"A commoner? "
"What is she doing here? "
"Did she mistaken the school? "
"How disgraceful "

She quietly walks to the stage and touches the sphere. And heres the magic..
It shines with warm white and yellow.

"No way! "
"It's impossible! "
"How did a commoner get a light attribute?! "
"Maybe the director saw this and asked her to go to school? "
"Probably "

"Violet Fleming"
Everyone went quiet and was staring at me. Well of course, many nobles know my name. My friends said good luck and i walked to the stage with grace my head held high. When I passed the ***.. Sorry, the heroine I saw her smirking in my direction. Probably because she think she's so high and mighty.

As I place my hand on the sphere she glows in purple, then black and white.

The teachers gasped in shock and awe.
I guess they never saw a pupil with three rare attributes. Like seriously I got spirit, light and dark. Wow really.

Suddenly a bright light comes from my shoulder, and guess who I see?  Yes my beautiful rainbow cat Ashton or in short Ash. Finally he reveals himself. You see if you have a spirit attribute you can summon magic creatures and spirits so it's really cool.

"Meow, finally I can be free from hiding you evil girl"

"Don't be like that Ash you lazy cat"

Then i bagan walk down the stage to my friend, they smiled at me because I told them about this long ago.

In our way to the waiting room for the results we bumped into the heroine.
She fell to make this dramatic and began to cry.

"Lady Violet, please have mercy I dont know what did I do to get on your bad side but please forgive me"

"It's very nice and all, but don't you think yoo take this over dramatic? Like seriously, I don't think that every time you fall it's my fault, I don't even know you and if you want someone to punish you that's not the address miss"

"Hahahaha" Sedtik begins to laugh uncontrollably.

"Hahaha oh my god" Vincent keeps him company in that.

"Pfff, haha" and Edward and Albert laugh quietly.

I hear many others from the crowd laugh too.

In your face, eat that you stupid heroine!

"I-I d-didn't m-mean it t-that w-way"

"Well that the next time speak properly"

In the end we all got to the A class for geniuses like us, unfortunately the heroine is with us.

But don't worry I will make sure none of her plans come true. Let's get ready for tomorrow.

"Eli.... on't.... N.. St..op..... Eli...nor m... lo..e....I' Ju... Wai.. Eli.... "

A young man bolts awake, he's breathing heavily.

"This dream again... Eli my love... Wait I'm close, wait few days and we will be together again, like in that day"

What he didn't catch is the silhouette of a figure that watched him in the corner of the room smiling sadly at him with tears following in the eyes.

"Just wait... Just... Wait"

Then he heard a whisper

"I will"

He smiled and went back to sleep without the memories of that day hunting him. It was a peaceful night.

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