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Ruby came and picked up Henry so he would be out of the way and wont get hurt through out all of this. Apparently Mr.gold or Rumpelstiltskin in our land, tricked Emma and Regina when they went to get the true love potion last night. Ruby left and I leaned over to my sister.
‘’Don’t push it, Snow’’I said
‘’I wont’’Snow said and Emma came up to us.
‘’You guys ready?’’Emma asked
‘’We need to talk’’Snow said. I put my hand on my forehead. Of course, Snow, of course.
‘’I just, I don’t want to talk’’Emma said
‘’Well I do’’Snow said, pushing it.’’k, gold can wait I cant. Your my daughter and I want to talk to you’’
I couldn't imagine losing my daughter for 28 year and not being able to actually talk to her but talk to her as your cursed self. Its all so weird and strange and its really damn confusing.
‘’I know that we have talked. We all have’’snow said gesturing to me as well’’But we didn’t know that we were talking. We probably talked about things we shouldn’t have talked about, one night stands and all that’’
‘’One night stands?’’David asked and I almost burst out laughing.
‘’Whale’’Snow said trying to brush the subject off
‘’Whale!?’’David exclaimed
‘’We where cursed. The point is we didn’t know that we were mother and daughter and now we do and so please lets talk’’
Snow was begging for Emma to talk to her. It was kinda sad really.
‘’okay’’Emma said’’what do you want to talk about?’’
‘’We are together finally’’she looked at david and then turned to me grinning’’ And I cant help but think your unhappy about it’’Snow said
‘’Oh I am’’Emma said’’see here's the thing. No matter what the circumstances for 28 years I only knew one thing, that my parents sent me away’’
‘’We did that to give you your best chance’’Snow said
‘’Yeah, you did for everyone because that’s who you are. Leaders, hero's, princes and princesses and that’s great and amazing and wonderful but it doesn't change that fact that for my entire lie I have been alone’’
‘’But if we hadn’t sent you away you would have been cursed too’’Snow said
‘’But we would have been together’’Emma said’’which curse is worse?’’
I gave her a soft smile. She had a horrible life and now she is in this town and her parent are all the fairy tale's that she grew up reading. I even read them when I was cursed and lets just say they aren't the same.
‘’lets just go find gold’’Emma said and she walked away. I patted Snow's back and she gave me a kind smile and we followed Emma. We got to Gold's shop and walked in. Emma was the leader and stormed in. I closed the door behind me and Gold looked up from making his tea.
‘’What can I do for you?’’He asked.
‘’What you can tell us is what you did’’Emma demanded looking pissed off.
‘Im sorry your gonna have to be more specific’’Gold said I rolled my eyes.
‘’You know damn well what we are talking about’’David said
‘’You double crossed Emma and you took that potion thing from her’’I said putting my hand on my hip.
‘’And you did who knows what to this town’’David said
‘’And worst of all you risked Henry's life’’Emma said
‘’well that is a long list of  litany of grievances, now isn't it?’’gold said, clearly annoyed with this.
‘’Maybe I don’t need answers may be I need to punch you in the face’’Emma said and that caused me to smirk and laugh a little. Gold chuckled
’’really, dearie’’he said
He started walking from the counter and came to stand in front of us.
‘’Allow me to answer your questions with some of my own’’he said'’Did your dear boy, Henry survive?’’gold asked
‘’yeah’’Emma said
‘’is the curse broken? and lets see Ms.Swan, how long have you been searching for your parents? For your family? Looks like your reunited. Looks like a punch in the face is a terrible thank you’’gold said
‘’Twist my words all you want. What was the purple haze you brought?’’Emma asked
‘’You know magic’’gold said like it was no big deal.
‘’Why would you bring magic?’’I asked
He looked at me’’Not telling’’
I rolled my eyes and then there was a huge crash like a bomb was dropped or somthing.
‘’What was that?’’Emma asked. Snow and David ran to look out the window. There was honking of horns and big noises and I ran over and looked out the window. There was things flying everywhere and people running.
‘’That’s my gift to you. It will solve your Regina problem’’
There was another huge crash and I saw the power boxes where breaking and the street lights going out.
‘’Emma, come on’’Snow said
‘’We need to go take care of this’’David said. Snow walked out first and I followed. I really didn’t want to go outside but we had to. Whatever Gold sent here wasn’t good from the looks of it.We ran down the sidewalk and towards the station. I haven't ran this many much in years.  We got into the station and I saw this monster thing in the air sucking the life from Regina. I knew what this was. It was a wrath! Peter had told me about them. It came to Neverland once when a lost boy found this medalen that held it on his bare hands. The wrath came and sucked his soul. David grabbed a chair and faced it.
The wrath took the chair and threw it across the room.  It threw David across the floor and used its powers to make a desk fly after him. I looked around for anything and saw  hairspray and a lighter. Snow looked at me like she already knew and I nodded and she grabbed them and went up to the wrath.
‘’Hey, over here!’’she yelled and then she sprayed the hairspray and lighted the lighter and it burned the wrath and it flew out a window, making the glass break, and it left. The wind in the room stopped and everything stopped flying everywhere. I signed in relief. Emma ran over to help Regina.
‘’What the hell was that thing?’’Emma asked
‘’A wrath’’Regina said in a rough voice.
‘’It’s a soul sucker’’I said
‘’Did i?’’snow asked but Regina interrupted her
‘’Kill it? No its regenerating’’Regina said. Which means its coming back. Just great.
‘’It will be back. it doesn't stop till it devourers its prey. Me’’Regina said. She actually looked really scared. I would be too.
‘’So how do we kill it?’’Emma asked
‘’There's no way. You can kill something that's already dead’’Regina answered
‘’Then we have a problem’’Emma said
‘’No we don’t, Regina dose’’
I looked at David. He is willing to just leave her to die?
‘’What?’’Regina asked
‘’David?’’snow said.
‘’You just want to let her die?’’I asked putting my hand on my hip.
‘’Why not? Then it goes away we are safe’’David said
‘’Quit the example your setting for your daughter there’’Regina said and I rolled my eyes.
‘’No’’David said walking over to her’’You don’t get to judge us’’
‘’let me ask you something, where do you think that thing came from? Gold’’
‘’We made a promise to Henry. Shes not dieing’’Emma said. She was right. Henry would be crushed if she died. No matter what Regina is still his mother.
‘’If it cant be killed what do you suggest?’’Snow asked
‘’Send it somewhere It cant hurt anyone’’Regina said
‘’Yeah and how do we do that?’’I asked
‘’Take me to my office and then I will show you’’she said.
We got to Regina's office and she pulled out a box and set tit on the table. She opened the latch and then she turned to Emma.
‘’Did henry really ask you to protect me?’’Regina asked
‘’Yes'’Emma replied and then regina pulled out a hat. It was black and tattered.
‘’The hat. You had it all along’’Emma said
‘’What?’’Regina asked looking at Emma.
‘’That’s Jefferson's hat.''
‘’Who's Jefferson?’’Regina asked. Yeah who was Jefferson? Is he missing a hat? The door opened and Snow and David walked in with a gas container and some brooms.
‘’Torches for when it comes back’’David said ‘’Its old fashioned but so am I’’
‘’So how dose that thing work?’’I asked crossing my arms. She lead us through a door and into a court room.
‘’It will open a portal to our land. All we have to do is send the wrath there’’Regina said and she set the hat on the floor.
‘’Oh yeah, just that’’David said.
‘’I thought you said our land was gone’’snow said
‘’it is. Sending it to a place that no longer exists,well that banishing it to o
The lights flickered and the doors started to shake. David handed me a broom and I turned towards the door.
I heard it making its weird screaming noises and my heart started pumping faster. The doors flew open and I jumped. It looked like a ghost/demon. It came into the room and David ran over to it and waving the broom on fire at the wrath. I ran over to the alcohol that was sitting on a table and I started to cover the little fence thing with it. I saw Snow covering the other side and then David put the fence together and lighted it on fire.
‘’Hurry!’’he yelled over the noise. I looked at Regina who was having a hard time getting it to work.
‘’its not working’’she said and I went to try to her but Regina spun it one more time and it started working. A purple votext thing was coming up. The wrath pushed David aside.
‘’its coming!’’david yelled and it came at us but Emma pushed Regina aside. The wrath was in the vortex but grabbed Emma's foot and then mine. I screamed as i was pulled into the vortex. Then everything turned black.

Authors note:
 Oh no, she got sucked  the portal! Long chapter, sorry i was trying to cut the episode in half and make two equal chapters but it didnt work out very well. Its not the best chapter but whatever. I will try to update more tomorrow. Bye guys:)

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