Chapter 13: Freedom

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Rias - Huh? What did you say?

Y/n - Do I need to tell you twice?! You yelled angrily as you summons his yellow ki blade from his right hand. (And just like Goku Black did in the anime) You made your ki blade transforms to a yellow scythe with your left hand.

Rias - I-I-I'm sorry! She with tears in her eyes.

Y/n - People like you don't deserves forgiveness, Now die! You yelled as you slash Rias's body with your scythe leaving a large slash from her body and her blood spurts everywhere.

Rias then fell on the floor, her body is not moving and her eyes went dull and lifeless, in other words she died due to too much blood loss.

You then unsummoned you Ki Scythe and look at Rias's dead body seriously.

Soon the four hooded figures removed their hood and it reveal Xenovia, Koneko, Irina and Issei. They approached Y/n and Koneko said,

Koneko - Wow. You really did kill her. She said amazed.

Issei - By the way, how are you going to forgive her if she is dead?

Y/n didn't speak.

Xenovia then tapped your shoulder gently and she said with concern on her voice,

Xenovia - Y/n, are you okay?

Once again, Y/n didn't answer instead he went to Rias's dead body and fired a green sphere of life energy and when the green sphere hits the lifeless body, Rias suddenly gain consciousness and the huge slash mark on her body disappeared as well as the blood that is scattered on the floor.

Y/n then crouched and hold Rias's chin and he said with a cold tone on his voice.

Y/n - I only revived you only for you to suffer more and the reason why I did this is because I am now defying my rule in life. Do you understand?

Rias didn't speak and held her serious face. This made Y/n irritated and slap her face with a huge amount of power that cause a hand print on her right cheek.

Y/n - Answer me! Do you understand?! He yelled as he went to his Super Saiyan form.

Rias then cried in so much pain and she said,

Rias - I-I-I u-u-understand.

Y/n - You'd better be. Since I'm kind, I'm going to end your torture.... for now. But once I caught you harming my friends and other people without any reason, I will once again torture you more but this time, it will be slow and very painful. Are we clear on that?

Rias - Y-Y-Yes.

Y/n - Good. You then removed the seal on the chains and gestured Issei and Irina to remove the chains from Rias's body.

Rias then smiled and she said,

Rias - I'm free. She said happily.

Y/n - Yes for now you are free to do whatever the hell you want. He said still with anger on his voice.

In all of a sudden, Rias tackled Y/n for a hug. This made Y/n yell angrily.

Y/n - Hey! What did you do that for?!

Rias - I just wanted to say thank you for giving me a second chance to live. She said while smiling genuinely and hugging Y/n tightly.

Y/n then pushed back Rias and said,

Y/n - I know. I know. Now get the hell out of my place.

Rias - Okay. But how will I get out of here if I don't know where is the way out?

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