Chapter 1

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For what seemed like all hopes were lost once again...

Malthael had finally perished by the hands of my vengeful arrows. Hundreds of million souls that he harvested through Westmarch came pouring out of his disintegrating body. As soon as the angel of death was defeated, the power that I borrowed from the dead started to also leave me. I slowly sank to the ground, my exhausted self could not bare any longer. Not realising how beaten up I was, I looked at Lyndon who seemed to be speaking to me but could only hear myself desperately gasping for air.

"YESS!! We did it, Astraea! We killed him!" Lyndon yelled cheerfully again with a smile on his face. He, too, was kneeling on the floor holding his injured torso. He chuckled then broke into a fit of cheer laughter while laying himself flat on the ground. I smiled at him and nodded in agreement, "Yes, finally."

I looked down at myself frowning, feeling cold to my bones as Malthael's chill effect still lingered around us. My injuries were not life threatening but they could be infected severely. Not to mention, there may be some other effects that I had not experienced before. We both needed to get some healing fast.

"Let's go, Lyndon. We have to get ourselves looked at," I called and started to get up. As I helped Lyndon to his feet, Tyrael and Imperius came to us.

"At last... Thank you, friend. You have accomplished yet again the impossible," Tyrael began. I stole a quick glace at Imperius who remained still behind Tyrael, with his tall frame, his eyes down cast straight at me. "I gave my all, Tyrael. I'm glad that it was well worth it in the end." I smiled at Tyrael, who nodded gratefully.

He looked at our injured bodies and frowned deeply. "You both need to be healed. Those wounds cannot simply be taken care of by any priests or healers in Sanctuary. Malthael's shotels as reapers inflicted wounds beyond mortals' means to cure. Come... to the hall of the angels. My brethren's healer will heal the both of you," Tyrael said as he beckoned me and Lyndon to follow him.

I looked at Imperius skeptically, one arm still hugging myself as the chill stayed within me. "And is this alright with your brothers, Tyrael?" I asked anxiously, preparing for Imperius to deny my access to the heavens since there was no need of me any more.

Tyrael looked at Imperius, who a few seconds later, abrubtly launched himself upwards, his mean of travelling I had come to known. I could see golden trail of light he left behind as he made his way back to where we may be headed. "It seems that you have the permission to go there, nephalem." Tyrael finally spoke and led us to the bright heavenly structures ahead.


As I arrived at the Silver City walking along the bridge of light which led to the hall, I started to ponder. She managed to put Malthael to rest and returned those souls to their peace in the end. I doubted her even back when she fought Diablo, which only seemed like few moments ago. How could a mere mortal possibly destroy such enemies?

When I guided her towards the Fortress to get to Malthael, her fighting style was out of focus, at times careless. As if she was losing her energy slowly while she fought on but her will was surprisingly strong. Alas, she killed my rogue brother, death himself.

I caught myself thinking about the nephalem now that I had seen her wounded body, how much the half breed had to endure to save us all and kept herself alive. I knew well how challenging those enemies can be. Although that did not mean that I hated her kind any less. They were the reason the eternal conflict was never ending.

When I reached the great hall, I demanded an angelic healer who would be competent enough to heal the nephalem and her companion. I would not express my gratitude as I already informed her but this should repay the favour she had done.

Tyrael and the two mortals arrived moments after. I sat by my throne and watched as the healer got to work on the humans. Their injuries were indeed curable in the heavens.

The healer asked the nephalem to strip her armour off so he could see to the wounds properly. I was amazed by how small the woman truly was underneath all the heavy battle suit she put on. Yet, she had as much power to finish champions of both heaven and hell. Maybe, just maybe, we needed to keep a watchful eye on this particular mortal. An ally could become our threat if we did not thread carefully. I would have to decide on this matter very soon.

A/N: I also wanted to write a little of his Point of View (POV). I'm not sure why but I found it kind of fun to. So what I did was using a line of asterisks (****************) to indicate the switch in pov. 

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