Chapter 5 The Kids Of Evil

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Chapter 5

The Kids Of Evil

I hid my face in my hood. This was my one and only very dark secret, it's true I am a demon lords daughter, but I am half human. I know because, my dad raised me. But I wanted to become a exorcist never the less. I didn't want what I am to define who I am.

I expected my friends to protect me and hide me. I couldn't have been more wrong, everyone except Slayer lowered their weapons and made a pathway to me. Astaroth smiled and began to approach me but Slayer blocked his path.

"I have no reason to fight you, so move!" Astaroth demanded. Slayer didn't move a inch.

Astaroth smiled and simply backhanded slayer a half mile across the grounds, and continued his approach on me. I turned and ran, I ran as hard as I could. I herd chuckling behind me and I turned to see Astaroth inches away, but I herd a familiar rushing of wind and I seconds Astaroth was smashing through the walls of the branch.

"Run!" Slayer hissed and for once I didn't think twice about.

I bolted for safety.


Zack's POV

After how easily the branch turned over Alexia, I don't plan on staying with them after this.

"That's quite the strength you got." Astaroth laughed as he climbed out the walls of the building.

I said nothing, but deep down I knew. I know, this will be my hardest fight ever, and to win I might even have to give in to my insanity. Screw it, if I want to win I'll have to go in with everything I got. So I released all my power I had bundled up inside me. The wind around me churned wildly and the ground burst into magma. I've never ever released all my power at once.

I viciously hacked and slashed at Astaroth, who dodged with ease. My attacks were amplified by my rage, my insanity.

After a while of purely dodging, Astaroth backhanded me sending me flying through a tree trunk, building walls and eventually landing in the main hall breaking the table as I fell through the roof.

I had to admit that hurt, but I wasn't down yet. I zoomed through the building at my full speed. I was planning on smashing into Astaroth, which he seemed to notice and pulled his hand back like he was going to punch me. What I wasn't expect was a man in black suit jacket and suit pants, red dress shirt and a black Hat to take hold of Astaroth arm and forcefully lower it. He had blood red hair and gold eyes. The sky turned black and the clouds became a fiery red. The wind began to churn wildly. The air became thin and the ground became magma.

"Astaroth, I told you to get Abaddon's daughter back, not kill my son." The man said and I can to a abrupt stop creating a large pile of road as my stop tore it up. "How have you been Zack?" The man asked and I felt my rage vanish like some kind of powerful darkness wash it away.

"Who are you?" I said.

"Why I'm your father of course, Lucifer." The man said and for some reason I knew he was telling the truth.

"That's not true!" I screamed, this was the first time I've screamed since I was 9.

"Look at your face." Lucifer said with a smirk. I flipped my sword and looked at my face.

My hair was black like always, but my eyes were as gold as Lucifer's. "There's your proof." My true father said stilling wearing that smirk. I fell to my knees in defeat. I was in too much shock to fight back, not that I had any chance of winning. Not even the grandmaster could take down the devil.

In fact we were more like pest management. No exorcist no matter how strong, can take on a demon lord, let alone the devil. "Well this wasn't the ideal family reunion, but I'm taking you home none the less." The Devil said and I didn't try to fight him. The darkness in my heart and mind had taken ahold of me, Satan had exploited my darkness whiteout even lifting a finger.

The world went black as I collapsed.


When I awoke I was in a red silk bed. Everything around me was red and black. My gaze instantly landed on a young man. He had short spiky fiery red hair, cold neon blue eyes. He had a yellow shirt with a brown hoodie, blue jeans and white vans. He is tan and slim yet fairly muscular.

"Sup? I'm Azazel." The guy said.

Oh Shit, I remained silent. "I guess it's true then. Big bro said you don't really talk." Azazel observed.

I knew exactly where I was, I was in hell. But I was curious as to why my eyes changed.

"Why'd my eyes change only now?" I asked.

"You some how managed to control your demonic personality, your rage. But when you gave in to it when you fought Atsaroth, a very small portion of your potential power awoke. Hence the gold eyes." Azazel explained.

"Are you Satan's Brother?" I asked and Azazel laughed and shook his head no.

"Not biologically, no. But we are close. Same with Astaroth. The three of us are like brothers. Because we always got each others backs, even though Lucifer is the strongest." Azazel said. I was absolutely silent, until a question reentered my mind. A question that has bothered me ever since Lucifer claimed me as his son.

"Who's my mom?" I asked and Azazel smirked.

"Abaddon. And yes, that does mean you and that other chick are half siblings. Her father was a human." Azazel clarified. "Abaddon is Lucifers wife. And before you even ask, your half sister happened before Abaddon and Lucifer got married. Which was about.... 5 no 9 years ago, Give or take. Sorry I suck at math." Azazel said and I put on my blank face. "Thinking about escaping? Word to the wise, don't do it. Your dad rules this place which makes you the prince, and also a popular person in general. And when popular people go missing, people look for them and eventually find them. If I were you I would just accept it. And if it's any consolation, we demons aren't as bad as we are made out to be. Take me for example, I never fight unless I have to, and I'm a optimist. Asatroth is a bad example, he hates humans with a passion that would make Lucifer jealous. Plus he's a dark minded, sadistic, violent demon. Heck, even your old man isn't that bad. People make him out to be this huge evil mastermind. I'm telling you, the guys a idiot. He's smart at times but he really got cast out because he was a prankster. That whole thing with Adam and Eve was a prank gone bad. It was one of his famous "oh shit!" Moments. Anyway I digress. All I'm trying to say is, as long as you don't fight it, you'll love it. And your dad really does love you, though he will never say the words out loud." Azazel stated. I said nothing, "your a good listener." Azazel complimented. I got out of the bed and went to the door, Azazel got up too. "Where are you going?" He asked.

"To. Find out why my dad killed my whole family." I answered and went into the hallway.

1-Should he accept what he is and where he belongs?
or should he fight it?
2-why do you think Lucifer claimed Zack?
3-why do you think Abaddon and Lucifer are gathering all their kids up now?

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