Preparations for the competition.

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The next day at school we had to choose teams for the day of sport. And Azazel mentioned that he would send two fallen angels as support for us. I'm curious who the are. We sat in the classroom, waiting for a new student, and a new teacher.

A moment after the bell for a lesson, a long-blue-haired woman entered the class.

F/N: Wait a second...

Kalawarner: Welcome everyone. My name is Kalawarner. I will be your new English teacher.

It was that woman from the Raynare team who wanted to take Asia's SG! I looked at Asia, she looked a little scared, I'm not surprised...

Kalawarner: I know that you must take care of the preparations for the day of the sport, but say hello to a new class member...

Classroom door opened and a short girl with blond twintails, entered the classroom.

Mittelt: Welcome everyone! My name is Mittelt, I hope we make friends!

Super, another from Raynare team... Mittelt bowed, and the boys began to "praise" Mittelt and Kalawarner appearance as they usually do with new persons. Mittelt sat between me and Asia.

Kalawarner: Well, you can now discuss the preparations for the day of sport.

Kiryuu: I will take care of this!

Kiryuu ran to the blackboard and began to write sports disciplines, and who will be with whom in the team.She wrote that for a few minutes.

Kiryuu: So, only left... a three-leg race. Anyone willing?

I was lying on my bench and tried not to pay attention...

Kiryuu: F/N!

F/N: Hm? What?

Kiryuu:You have a tear under your arm.

F/N: What? Really?

I raised my hand to check if she is telling the truth...

F/N: I don't see any-

Kiryuu: Decided!

F/N: Heh?

Kiryuu enrolled me to participate in three-leg race!

F/N: You fooled me!

Kiryuu: You will take part in a three-leg race, and your partner will be... Asia.

F/N: Asia?

Asia looked a bit embarrassed.

Kiryuu: All set. We can take care of the exercises.

We changed into sportswear and went to court to train.

Irina: Let's race, Xenovia.

Xenovia: With pleasure!

Girls ran like rockets! It was obvious that they were running too fast for normal people. However, people probably did not think about it...

F/N: Wait a moment, other classes will not be disturbed, that "we" take part in it?

Kiryuu: Teachers did not say anything about it, and you will not be able to use your full potential.

Tears appeared in Asia's eyes.

F/N: Asia, Kiryuu did not mean anything bad!

Asia: I know I'm not good at sports... But I will try my best!

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