Chapter Two: Flashbacks.

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"Are you sure you want to go?" Alesha asked Leah as she sits on her bed. Leah rolled her eyes and sighed, "For the tenth time – yes, I am sure." Leah replied. Alesha shrugged, "Alright," She replied short. Being Alesha's best friend since third grade, Leah doesn't need to hear the words from Alesha to know how much she disproves of her idea of attending Emmett's twentieth birthday party in Mississippi. She put the black fitted dress on her bed and sat on the bed in front of Alesha – who was going through Leah's jewelry box. Alesha glanced at her friend sitting in front of her, but she doesn't say a word and keep looking for matching earring for Leah to wear.

When Alesha didn't speak, Leah rolled her eyes. "I know you think it is a bad idea, but how can I not go when he himself invited me? And also, I completely over him," She waves her hand dismissively at which Alesha raised her eyebrow as she looks at her friend. Leah knows that just lied to her friend and she also knows that Alesha doesn't buy her lies. "Leah, you are going to hurt yourself," Alesha said to her. "I am sorry I am being so blunt to you right now, but you need to hear this." She continued, "Emmett made it very clear last year that he isn't into you – he even has a girlfriend, for God sakes. His girlfriend is arranging the party – a party that his girlfriend is throwing for him at her father's beach house." She emphasized.

Leah sighed and got up from the bed, "Well, I am not the only one going – everyone Emmett knows will be there. Austin is going as well – then why is it so bad to go when he invited me?" She tried to reason. Alesha rolled her eyes, "Your brother isn't in love with Emmett, Leah and besides that Austin and Emmett are best friends – of course, he will go. And please – he didn't actually invite you, you just happen to be there when he told Austin about the party and he asked you out of courtesy – not because he really wants you there. I hardly doubt that he will be expecting you to be there." Alesha's words were hurtful for Leah.

Leah scowled, "Alesha if you can't support then don't undermine me either. I am just going because he invited me and we will be staying there for a night – I am sick and tired of college and work – I just need a weekend of fun and that's what I am going to do – I am going to have fun at his birthday party." She replied to her friend. Alesha waved her hand in the air, "Fine, but don't come crying when you see Donna and Emmett together." Alesha said hotly before she walked out on Leah.

Leah blew her cheeks out before she picks her bathing suit from the bed in her hand before putting it back and sitting beside the unpacked small bag she is supposed to take with her. Alesha and Leah often have such fights – it was regular for them. They will be fine – Leah knows, but Alesha said to her lingers in her mind. Alesha has been warning her for the longest time to try to move on from Emmett. Leah knows that Emmett doesn't feel the same for her – he made it clear when he politely turned her down last year, but still, she had a hope somewhere in her that one day Emmett might see how much she likes him.

Leah doesn't know when she actually fell for Emmett. She can't tell the time when she realized she was in love with him. She can't tell the exact day either. Her love for him piled up a little bit little since they met when she was nine and he was ten. He has always been caring towards her. He has always been supportive, gentle and warm to her that she could help but plunge into his loving nature and before she could process – she was in love with him.

Her brother, Austin knows about it too, but he doesn't know that Emmett had turned her down once – Leah asked Emmett not to tell him. She knows how much best of the friends they are – she doesn't want to ruin it. Alesha can judge her all she wants, but she doesn't know how much Leah tried to forget about him, but how could she when he was always around – being the personable Emmett he is around her. Leah is unaware of how she will stop but she knows she will have to. She doesn't blame her best friend either – she must look crazy, but that's how she feels for him.

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