Chapter 13

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Dejan came back home. He was still covered in blood of cole and maria.

He from the inside was feeling broken and torned apart. Not because he killed maria. But because He was missing rose. It's been 2 months since she left and he was unable to find her whereabouts. He was worried for her.

He sat on his bed and started thinking.

Dejan thinking:
"Everything wrong happened because of me. I was the one who hurted her so bad ignoring the fact that she was expecting my child. She begged me to accept her and our baby, But No I was a motherfucker. I was determined to fuck her life. I was determined to make her leave from our marriage and made her regret her decisions. She cried in front of me numerous times. But no, I was so cold hearted I hurted her every single time. She said she hates me the last time I saw her, It's been so long now I don't know where is she and how is my baby now. I made that bitch Maria abuse My rose physically when she was pregnant. How can I be this worst with her. She loved me with all her heart. I was so merciless, I forced her to abort my baby, I hate myself for doing that. I was making her kill my unborn child, The baby who doesn't even know what's going on, I was targeting that innocent soul just because I was a Motherfucker."
Tears fell from his eyes.

He removed his tshirt.
He called Shawn, randy and lionel inside his bedroom. The bedroom no one was allowed to visit once.

Lionel: "Boss, You called us"
Dejan cleaned his face.
Dejan: "Yes. Any updates on rose' whereabouts?"
[He asked to everyone]
Dejan noticed that Everytime dejan Asked about her whereabouts shawn got nervous and begins to sweat.
Randy: "No boss. We're trying our best. It's been 2 months since she left, but still we're unable to find her"
Dejan kept looking at Shawn.
Shawn was Freaking out.
Dejan: "Shawn. What's the progress?"
[he asked intentionally raising an eyebrow]
Shawn: "Uh.... H... Huh... I... I don... Don't know...! I hav.... Haven't"
Dejan gestured him to stop speaking.

Dejan: "off you go."
Everyone started to leave.
Dejan:" Except shawn"
Shawn got scared.

Randy and lionel left. Dejan locked the door.

Dejan: "You know what shawn. 2 months ago, when I left the mansion on the day of that accident. My sources revealed. The very same day they saw a person helping Rose to leave the mansion."
[He said coldly]
Shawn's feet froze. He started taking intensive breathes.
Dejan: "So are you going to reveal it by yourself. Or do you want me to be the bad guy here? Cause I don't really want to hurt you unless and until if you want me to"
[he said with intense tone]
Shawn sighed.
Dejan put his hand on Shawn's shoulder.
Shawn was scared for his life.

Shawn: "I helped her escape."
[he confessed]
Dejan smirked.
Dejan:" Where is she?"
Shawn: "m.... My Mum's old house out of this country."
Dejan:" okay"
Shawn sighed when dejan took his hand away.
Just when dejan shot shawn down on his head.
Shawn died.

Dejan: "You separated me from my child. You betrayed me."
[he said angrily]

To be continued...

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