"O-Oi Deku."

"Kacchan, shut up and sleep. Seriously, I'm sleepy." Izuku says, annoyed. Katsuki bites his ( own, don't get ideas ) lip.

"Y-Yeah, sure." Katsuki sighs, Izuku purrs, content, slightly adjusting his hips to a more comfortably situation before he finally was able to sleep ontop of Katsuki.

"..." Katsuki tries to remember to breath as he felt Izuku's tail curl up just ontop of it. Shit he really wants to touch him.


Izuku wakes up 30 minutes after.

"I'm hungry." He declares, getting off Katsuki. "Kacchan lets go, mom's probably already making breakfast."

"You go on ahead, I need to take a shit." Katsuki says, running to the bathroom. Weirdo. Izuku gets out of his room and walks in the kitchen where his mom was cooking.

"Mom, I have a friend over, can you make something for him too?"

"Eh? You're already in mating season, Izuku?"

"W-What?! No! Not yet mom! I just have a friend over!" Izuku pouts, his cheeks flushed. Well, like he hasn't thought of it before but right now he's not in heat yet and Katsuki's only over as a friend.

"Are you sure sweetie?"

"Y-Yes! Of course I'm sure, mom!" Izuku whines.

"Of course of course, but you know, I don't mind if you really-"


"I'm just messing with you sweetie, is he a cat quirk too or?"

"It's Kacchan, mom." Inko nods.

"Katsuki-kun never has sleepovers here, I'm glad for the two of you."

"Mom, what are you implying?"

"Nothing, sweetie, go back to your room now, I'll just call you when breakfast is ready."

Izuku pouts but nods, trudging back into his room, Katsuki's back on his bed already, looking like he just ran a marathon or something.

"Mom is still cooking, Kacchan, brush my hair." Izuku says, handing him a brush. Katsuki sighs, sitting up, his legs spread and Izuku quickly sitting on the space in between them.

"Your hair is still so soft even though you haven't showered yet." Katsuki mutters as he gently runs his hands through them first before he starts brushing.

"I don't need to wash my hair but my other parts of the body still needs to be cleaned Kacchan, I'm only half cat."

"Eh, you smell good enough, are you using a new shampoo? You smell kind of different."

"It's mint, is it good?"

"Yeah it's good." Katsuki mutters.

"How's your bathroom break? Did you get it all out?"


"No one cares if your poop broke out instead of coming out in one piece Kacchan-"

"Shut up!"

"No, you shut up and brush my hair." Katsuki sighs, continuing to brush his hair. Izuku purrs, almost falling asleep before his mom calls them for breakfast. Katsuki places the brush aside, Izuku quickly gets off the bed and goes to the kitchen, Katsuki following behind.

"Ah, it really was Katsuki-kun!" Inko chirps, "good morning, how was your sleepover?"

"Eh, it was fine."

"Was it fun to sleep with my son?" Inko innocently asks, Katsuki's face turned red before looking away, nodding.

"Mom, stop teasing Kacchan, geez." Izuku huffs, hugging Katsuki's arm, Katsuki's eyes widen, turning around to meet Izuku's eyes which looked annoyed, there was a pout on his face.

"Don't mind my mom Kacchan, just ignore her." He says, pink slightly dusting his cheeks, Katsuki nods, his throat dry.

"Ah, you two remind me so much of me and your father, Izuku!"

"W-Why would we remind you of something like that?!"

"Nothing nothing, don't mind me!" Inko chirps, sitting down on her chair, Izuku and Katsuki follow suit, Izuku sitting down on where his food bowl was, filled with picked apart chicken. Katsuki gets normal pancakes.

"Say, Katsuki-kun, do you like Izuku?"

"Mom why are you asking him that?" Izuku asks.

"Ah well you know, you started taking heat suppressants and-"


"I want you to be with someone I can trust not to do anything to you incase your heat break out, Izuku. So, do you like Izuku?" Inko asks.

"...He's a good cat."

"I see... are you single-"

"That's not related to my heat anymore you just want to ask him that!"

"Of course I do, so, are you?"

"S-Studies are important, Inko-san."

"Ah see he's a reliable kid! You can spend your heats right next to him Izuku, he cares more for education, he won't do anything bad to you."

"I was planning to do it even without knowing that, Kacchan is a really reliable cat owner!" Izuku whines.

"You were planning to spend your heat near me?" Katsuki asks.

"Well um, is it fine?"

Katsuki thought about it, he could barely hold himself back earlier but if Izuku trusts him so much and expects him not to do anything while he's in heat... seriously it'll be a dick move to do that, Izuku trusts him to protect him during his heat and he just kinda backs out because he thinks he can't hold himself back?

"Yeah sure, whatever." Katsuki mutters, "can't have my cat getting in trouble for trying to do shit in public because I wasn't there to stop him, also, heat suppressants?"

"I-I started taking them when we were 13, but I've been having heats way too much recently, I'll probably have to spend a day without a pill just to sort of reset it- or maybe since it's happening so much, the pills just wouldn't be effective until I spend a week without it, I'm not sure when that would happen though, it might happen during in class so that's probably why mom was asking..." Izuku mutters.

"A heat can break out even if I took my pill in the morning so Kacchan just has to make me take another one or just keep me restrained or something if I'm out of it, is that fine, Kacchan?"

"Eh, just means extra work, no big deal." Katsuki mutters, not imagining Izuku in his heat or anything.

"Don't worry Kacchan, it'll be really easy to find out if a heat is breaking, trust me." Izuku says, "also-" Izuku stands up and leaves before coming back with a bottle or something, handing it to Katsuki.

"What's this?"

"Heat suppressants pills Kacchan, it's an extra one, since you'll be taking care of me I want you to have it." Katsuki nods, stuffing it in his pocket.

"Good thing I came over then."

"Mhmm." Izuku returns to his seat.

They ate in silence for the remainder of breakfast.

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