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        LYDIA WOKE UP not long after the attack, and Nala was right there by her bedside when she did

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        LYDIA WOKE UP not long after the attack, and Nala was right there by her bedside when she did. The two exchanged tearful apologies, Lydia eventually forgiving her with nothing but a stern you owe me, and Nala had barely left her side since, except to help Derek with his so called 'alpha duties'.

        One friendship that hadn't been so easy to fix was her one with Allison. Mainly because her dad would probably try to kill Nala if she even came between a ten foot radius of his daughter, but also because Nala wanted to give Allison some time to heal and grieve after the death of Kate. Kate wasn't a good person, Nala knew that, but Allison still deserved to grieve the person that she thought Kate was before she was exposed as a psychopathic mass murderer. So, all Nala did was send Allison a text letting her know that she was sorry, and that she would be there if Allison needed it.

        Nala's relationship with Jackson had become strained after she found out that Derek gave him the bite, the two going as far to engage in a screaming match before immediately apologising to each other, although he still earned a smack on the back of the head after they hugged it out. Nala wanted nothing but for her friends to be safe, and Jackson becoming a werewolf was definitely not safe for him.

          The one thing that Derek had asked Nala to do was to come up with a list of people she went to school with that were prospects for joining the pack, because as much as they would like to, a pack cannot consist of 2 people, especially when one isn't even a werewolf. So far, she had come up with a few options.

        There was Isaac Lahey, a kind boy that she had almost all her classes with, a boy that she felt an immense amount of pity for. At first, she thought he was just quiet, that is, until she went to a party at Jackson's house and saw Isaac's father beating the poor boy relentlessly. She was struck with the immense desire to go over there and kill the man on the spot, but decided that was probably not a good idea, and although she went to the authorities about it, Mr. Lahey was a well respected man, so Deputy Haigh simply brushed the girl off, blaming what she saw on drinking too much. Isaac could use a bit of power, she figured, and he would have a new family to escape his father.

          The second person was Erica Reyes, a small girl who Nala didn't really seem to notice that often, except for when she was being cruelly bullied by jocks for her epilepsy. The girl had been through so much, and Nala could sense that she would do almost anything to get rid of her epilepsy, to be able to defend herself from her bullies, to go through high school without torment and torture.

        The third was Vernon Boyd. There wasn't any particular sob story with Boyd, but Nala constantly noticed that he would sit alone at lunch, picking at his food, every so often collecting money from people to fix their cars (namely Stiles). He was lonely, and he felt powerless, and Derek could give him exactly what he wanted; family and power.

         Nala didn't want any dumb jock in the pack just for their strength — although she did consider Greenberg for a moment, but decided she couldn't put up with that — she wanted people who needed it, people who would do something with the power the bite gave them, and, of course, she was very selective, even with the many lost souls of Beacon Hills, she wanted to guarantee that the bite would take, because Nala couldn't have any more blood on her hands.

a/n: the intro for the sequel, il diavolo, is up now!!

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