Chapter 10 FAKE DEATH

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A month later.
It was late at night.
Rose was showering when she noticed something very beautiful.

She saw a head moving inside her 5 months pregnant belly.

She smiled.
Rose: "Hi baby, How are you doing inside? Your mommy is waiting impatiently for you. I love you so much and I promise you that I will give you all the love you need. I need you so much"
[she said as a tear fell down her eye]

She felt amazing, she wanted to share this big news to someone.
She took a deep breath and slowly walked towards the master bedroom expecting that this news may will light a little hope inside the baby's father's heart.

She sighed. She heard moaning sounds coming from the master bedroom.
She saw that the door is unlocked.
She slowly opened it and glanced inside.

Her world torned apart.

On the king size bed she saw Dejan and Maria having sex.
She saw this right in front of her eyes whereas she was carrying the heir of dejan wincent. The man himself who was so busy fucking his girlfriend that he didn't noticed that his pregnant wife was standing at the doorway watching them.

Rose: "DEJAN"
[she yelled]
Dejan and maria looked at rose.
Tears were uncontrollably falling from her eyes.
[she said to dejan] and she left the room.
She ran back to her room and locked it from the inside.

Dejan felt bit ashamed.
Dejan:" I've gotta go"
Maria: "Where are you going"
[she asked holding his forearm]
Dejan: "She's pregn...."
[he was about to complete but she kissed him and stopped him from leaving]
Maria: "She's not that important"
They continued to have sex.

Rose locked herself inside.
She was crying while laying on the bed.
Rose: "This baby is his. I don't want anything which connects me to him. I will kill this baby"
She said as she stood up and walked towards the bathroom.
She grabbed the blade and was about to cut harm herself when she stopped herself.....

Maria and Dejan were done with the sex. Maria placed some papers on the bed.
Dejan: "What are these?"
Maria: "Our marriage papers babe... I've already signed it. Now it's your turn"
[she said kissing his cheeks]
He forced a smile. Took the pen and signed the papers.
Dejan: "Here"
Maria kissed dejan's lips.
Maria: "Now we are together forever"
And they slept together.

                 *5 hours later*

Dejan was inside his porsche driving towards the airport with maria.
Dejan was not feeling alright from the inside.

Maria texted cole:
"We're on our way. Start the plan" ~ Maria.

Maria looked at dejan.
Maria: "Finally babe... We're gonna be together, we're leaving her behind."
Dejan forced a smile.
Few minutes later on their way, Two cars came and clashed it inside dejan's side of the car.
They stopped the car.
Dejan got severely injured.
Maria was not that injured.
She grinned and left the car.

Maria: "aww poor baby."
[she said smirking]
Dejan was looking at maria.
Cole came from the back and hugged maria from the back.
Maria smiled and then kissed cole passionately.

Maria:" We succeeded babe... I got this fucker's properties. Now we are all set baby"
[she said kissing]
Dejan was still looking at them.
Cole: "Look at him. He is so helpless. Fuck you dejan. You're good for nothing" [He said laughing]
Maria was laughing too.
Maria: "Now what you gonna do Dejan wincent? I Got your property, I got your money, I got your everything. Now you are nothing but a piece of shit. Remember the Paper you signed yesterday? Dumb bitch that was not the marriage paper that was your porperty papers that you legally signed off in my name."
And maria and cole laughed.
Dejan was laying on the floor injured and looking and hearing everything they were saying to him.
Cole: "wait babe... He do have one thing"
Maria: "What is it?"
Cole: "His pregnant hoe"
He said sarcastically. And they laughed.
Maria: "Well very soon. I'm gonna end that hoe and that bastard child's life as well dejan. So that you can die in peace."
Cole:" Bye bye. Motherfucker"
Maria: "Die slowly you fucker"
They both sat inside Cole's car and left.
Leaving dejan in the middle of the road to die. Blood drip off dejan's eyes.

Dejan closed his eyes.

To be continued...

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