Chapter 7 .

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Jeanylice .

I woke up the next morning and obviously Chris was not next to me. I started to think about all the things he was telling me last night and to say I was confused would be a complete understatement. Where did this thing come from? And why was it in my house?

Chris walked through my door as I talked to myself aloud. "I just put ants in Felix's cereal!" He snickered.

"No you did not!" I said laughing as I opened my bedroom door. I peeked over the railing and there Felix was, spitting out his cereal in the sink.

"What the fuck!" He shouted. "Jeanylice get your ass down here, now!"

I sighed and glared at Chris before I rushed down the stairs.

I stood in the kitchen as I crossed my arms. "What?"

"What the fuck is this?" He showed me the bowl with the ants crawling around in it.

Chris appeared in front of him and flipped the bowl out of his hand, causing the ants to go everywhere.

I laughed- I laughed a little too loud, but it was just so funny.

"I know you did this bitch!" He came forward to slap me but Chris prevented it by twisting his arm back causing him to yelp in pain.

"Selena, I'm gonna kill your daughter!"

"Literally." I mumbled. I shrugged it off though, I know Chris wouldn't let that happen- I hope...


"So about this ritual thing? How does this work?" I made sure Selena and Felix were gone before I started questioning Chris again, I'm pretty sure they already think there's something wrong with me. Selena caught me talking to Chris before she left, I just told her that I was talking to myself.

"It's gonna be a challenge." Chris sighed. I haven't seen him today which is a good thing, but if you want this ritual to be successful then you gotta do it when he's here."


"Yes, here. As in here in the mortal world."

"And how the hell are we supposed to do that?"

"I mean, you can call him here- he does have name. But we're not gonna do it just yet, things haven't gotten critical."

"So what you're saying is- wait for something bad to happen, then do it? That's stupid."

"It's not stupid, it's logical. He can be stuck in conventry right now, you don't wanna do this ritual for no reason- it's a long process."

I sighed, "whatever."

"Don't get smart nigga." He nudged my shoulder with his cold hand.

"You're so annoying."

"But you like it."

"I guess."

We looked at each other for a few seconds, then bursted out in laughter. See, moments like this is what I live for.


A few days later .

It was fifth period when I asked Mrs. Conway if I could use the bathroom. In the middle of wiping myself, Chris appeared- again.

"You needa stop this shit, I like my privacy."

"But ask me if I care." He said while smirking.

"You erk my nerves, I swear." I flushed the toilet then exited the stall when I saw the three most popular girls in the school staring at me as I went to wash my hands.

"Who you were talking to?" One of the girls asking, popping her gum.

"Um, I was on the phone."

I mentally slapped myself in the face when I realized I was wearing a dress- meaning I couldn't put my phone anywhere, and it was clear that it wasn't stuffed in my tits.

"Were you talking to yourself?" The other girl questioned.


I was cut off by the blonde one. "No she couldn't have been talking to herself, it sounded like she was talking to someone."

"Oops." Chris whispered.

"The real question is, why the fuck do y'all care?"

"Because we don't need freaks like you in our school." She said, "you need to go back to where ever the fuck you came from cause I can already tell you're not going to be a good contribution to my school."

"Oh, but ask me if I care- now will you excuse me." I tried to leave the bathroom but they wouldn't let me, instead they pushed my back up against the wall. "You better get the fuck out my face bitch."

"And if not?" The brunette said.

"You wanna find out?"

I punched the brunette in her face- I don't know, it's like a reflex. I felt threatened, there was three girls in my face. The blonde girl then pulled me by my hair causing me to slip on the water and hit my head on the sink.

"Chris!" I yelled.

"This bitch is crazy." The blonde said, kicking me in my stomach.

At this point, I was getting beat up. My vision was blurry, but in the corner of my eye I saw Chris being restricted by something, or someone- but I couldn't see who. He was trying to come toward me but whoever it was restricting him, kept holding him back.


I woke up in the hospital bed with IV's all over my body, I kind of figured this was going to happen. I was defenseless against three females, what was I supposed to do?

"You're awake." The doctor who was hovering over me said. "You have a minor concussion, it's not severe- so you won't have to stay the night."


"That was quite a fall." He said.


"Yes, you fell in the school bathroom, correct?"

I figured those bitches would lie. At this point I really didn't care, I was just worried about Chris. "Oh yeah, yeah."

After everything was said and done I went home that night and went straight up into my room. I didn't feel like talking or explaining anything o Selena, I was definitely not in the mood for Felix's shit either.

I woke up in the middle of the night to more rapping at my door and there Chris appeared in my bedroom. He pulled me in for a tight hug, and it was clear he felt bad. It felt like my body went from 98 degrees to below zero.

"Jeany I wanted to do something! I was going to do something- but he was holding me back, he wouldn't let me go!"

"I saw."

"Please shawty, you can't be mad at me."

"I'm not mad at you Chris, I can't be mad at you. My head just hurts."

"Are you okay?"

"I have a minor concussion."

His eyes turned red, they always turned red when he was angry. "It's over for them."

"If you are gonna do something to hurt them, then break all of their legs- that would kill their little dumbass cheerleading squad."

He laughed, "I'll keep that in mind." But soon his smile turned into a serious face. "Listen Jeany, you gotta do this ritual asap. He's not gonna stop, it's only gonna get worse."

"But when?"


* * *

This demon starting to piss me off.


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