Chapter 12

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My phone started blaring ‘Battle Scars’ the next morning letting me know someone was calling me. I rolled off the bed and started slapping around on the bed side table for me phone. I picked it up and looked at the caller I.D


Me: What do you want, it’s too early!

Skip: Well get everyone up! It’s meet and greet day!

Me: Alright

I hung up and left the phone on the floor and crawled up onto the bed and woke Beau up. He slowly got up and I walked into the next room and jumped on him.

“Get up Lukey!” I yelled at him, he pushed me off and glared at me. Slowly standing up.

“This is just like the time when Beau and Jai dumped ice on me, without the ice” He said. He looked at me and I ran for it. I locked my door and sat on the bed. Beau walked out of the bathroom changed and was adjusting his snapback. I snatched it off his head and went to get changed. I got dressed in my gold sequin and white dress and my denim jacket. I pulled on some jewellery and put on the ring Beau gave me. I curled my newly brown and blonde dip dyed hair loosely and put my make up on and walked out of the room. Beau sat on the bed, staring at the celling. He looked up when I entered the room. I had his SnapBack on also. He walked over and took it off my head and poked his tongue out at me.

“You look amazing by the way” He said over his shoulder. I blushed stupidly. I still wasn’t used to been complimented. I grabbed my bag and walked out the door. Beau draped his arm across my shoulder. I held his hand that hung off my shoulder and wrapped my arm around his waist. The others walked out of their rooms. Joella looked amazing. She had a short purple dress on, with high converses; she had Jai’s panda beanie on her head. We all walked to the elevator and we all stood there in silence. Tyla kept looking at me awkwardly. I was really over this.

“Well this is a tad awkies!” Luke yelled

“Trust you Luke!” James laughed and we all laughed along. We reached the bottom and got in the car and drove towards the venue.

The crowd of girls was surreal. I looked out the window and saw a girl who I noticed. Her long brown curly hair fell down her back; she wore a black high skirt and a cute top with red Vans. I knew her instantly. I pulled my phone out and scrolled until I saw her name: Chloe Lhtoka! <3

Chloe: Hey babe!

Me: Are you by any chance at the Janoskians meet and greet?!

Chloe: Sure am! Why?

Me: I just drove past you

Chloe: What!? Where?!

Me: I’m in the car with the boys

Chloe: No way! Come see me afterwards!

Me: Will do!

I slipped my phone back in my pocket, every stared right at me.

“My best friend lives here, and she’s here for the Meet and Greet! We have to go see her! I’ll introduce you! I’m so excited!” I started ranting, getting a little bit too excited. Everyone stopped staring at me and Beau pecked me on the lips quickly. We all got out and ran for it. Tyla, Joella and I went and waited backstage. While the boys went onto the stage and Gina went outside to talk to the management. I went over and talked to Joella for a bit before the event started. I sat on my phone and follow a few people, replied to some of the boys fans, gave the haters a piece of my mind. I ended up falling asleep on Joella’s shoulder before Gina came in and woke me up. The boys all piled back stage and we went outside to meet Chloe. I ran up to her and wrapped her in a giant hug. We started laughing and I let her go and took her over to the boys and introduced her to everyone. Luke stood there and stared. I kicked him and finally some words came out.

“You’re beautiful!” He blurted out, Chloe blushed and we all started laughing, he was so awkward. We all started talking and Chloe and Luke were getting pretty close, they exchanged numbers. A couple of fans ran up to us and asked the boys for autographs. Chloe had to go, she said goodbye to everyone and Luke kissed her on the cheek.

“Luke is that your girlfriend?!” Some girl yelled

“I wish!” Luke laughed. Tyla, Joella and I walked backstage again and waited for the boys. Joella excused herself to go to the toilet. Brilliant. I thought to myself. Tyla walked towards me. I started freaking out. He put his hands on my face and crushed his lips to mine. He wrapped his arms around my waist and I struggled to get out of his grip. He knew. Why was he doing this?! He continued to kiss me and I continued to try and get out of his grip, but he was too strong. The door opened and everyone gasped. Tyla finally stopped kissing me, he had an evil grin on his face as he glared at Beau.

“Scarlet?” Beau asked hurt.

“Beau, it’s not what it looks like, he kissed me! I tried to get away but he was too strong!” I cried. He put his hand up and shook his head at me.

“Leave it.” He said and walked out. I broke into tears.

“HOW COULD YOU DO THIS!?” I yelled at Tyla, my hand balled into a fist. I walked towards him. Skip caught me and stopped me from hitting him. I ran outside and saw Beau leaning against a wall, his head in his hands. I walked up to him slowly.

“Beau, please listen to me...” I said trying not to startle him

“Why?” was all he said.

“Please Beau, he kissed me. I love you, you know that!” I said and tears raced down my face. He got up and walked towards the car. We all got in and sat in silence as we drove back to the hotel. Beau had Skip swap rooms with him. I sat in out bed and cried. I got up and looked in the mirror to see my once perfect make up, smeared all down my face. I went and sat back on the bed. Luke came in and sat next to me.

“It’s going to be okay, he will realize what happened, he loves you, and he was just shocked that’s all” Luke said soothingly, as he patted my back. He hugged me and I cried more. He walked out and left me on my own. I soon cried myself to sleep. 

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