Too Close!!!

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When Seulgi got into the house she went straight to her room. She got dressed into comfortable clothes and went to bed with her laptop to do some research of the van that was following Irene's parents to the airport. Until suddenly she heard Irene knocking on the door, asking if she were awake. But since Seulgi did not want to be bothered at the moment she pretended to go to sleep.

Irene opened the door and there she saw a sleep bear. She went inside and sat on the couch in front of Seulgi. And quietly talked to her.

"hey Seulgi... You had me worried sick when you left. Where did you go. I didn't know what to do when you left so I froze. Your friends called me and asked me about the bracelet so that when I remembered that I need to press it only for emergency purposes only. And just then I know it was important and an emergency. I don't want to lose you again. So please if anything is bothered you, i'm all ears. I heard what you said awhile ago when you said that i'm your girlfriend. I guess your memories are coming back huh?!? If you do eventually remember... let's start all over again. I'm gonna makes things right. okay!"

After talking to Seulgi, Irene went over to her. Tuck her hair behind her ear, out her blanket over her and kissed her forehead.

"goodnight my bear!"

Irene closed the door slowly and went to her room. When the door closed, Seulgi got up and thought to herself.

"I can't believe it slipped out!!! I'm such an idiot!!! I really need to be careful next time.... she wants to start all over again huh? Gosh I going crazy right now!!!!! I do miss her but I just can't right now!!!! But since she's sincere about everything, I might as well change the way I act around her and not be cold all the time... You drive me crazy Bae Joohyun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

After thinking to herself, Seulgi fell backwards to her bed and left out a deep sigh. While staring up on the ceiling, she was still processing on what Irene said to her. She closed her eyes then drifted to sleep.

8:00 AM
Seulgi got up early and decided to make Irene some breakfast since she decided not to act cold towards her from now on. She tied her hair up then put on an apron. She went to go to the pantry and grabbed ingredients for some pancakes. Everything was going just fine till she heard Irene who was in the kitchen saying how good the smell of pancakes are early in the morning. When Seulgi got startled, she was in the process of flipping a pancake and it missed the pan. Irene then went over to her to help her with the messed she made. Both of their hands touched as they both went down to clean the mess. Seulgi started to blush so she got up and asked Irene if she wanted whipped cream or syrup on her pancakes to hide her face. As soon as Irene gathered the mess she got up and turned Seulgi around to look at her.

"Are you alright?!?" Irene asked.
"Yea I'm fine" Seulgi replied.
"Wow your face is really red"
"I think the pancake hit my face before it went to the ground" Seulgi responded instantly.
"You think..... here let me see"
"No really i'm fine...... syrup or whipped cream" Seulgi said to change the subject.
"Whipped cream....."

The two sat down in the dining room and started to eat their breakfast. It was dead silent, so Irene decided to break it.

"This is really good!"
"Thanks I really tried not burn them!" said Seulgi while giving Irene an eye smile.

Irene was shocked to see Seulgi smiled at her. She's never smiled at her ever since she became her bodyguard. So she started blushing. Seulgi noticed so she tilted her head sideways and raised her right eyebrow asking Irene if she's alright.

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