Ava Celeste

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I felt my whole world spinning as I drank the remains of Sex on the Beach in my glass. The speakers were so loud, it feels like my ears are completely bleeding. This is the most intense club ever!

I continued swaying my hips and grinding with the hot stranger that I used to know the name but I now completely forgot. Oh well. I clung into his nape and leaned closer, enough for him to hear me. I felt him shiver which amused me. “I need some drink, want something babe?” I asked.

“Hmm. How about you?” he emphasized the word ‘you’ and I carelessly giggled.

“Don’t be too excited babe, later.” I bit his earlobe and then gave him a quick but rough kiss. He smirked at me and I gave him a wink in return before striding my way to the bar.

“Anong maipaglilingkod ko sa napakagandang dilag na nasa harapan ko?” the bartender slash the owner of the club, Baron, teased earning me to smile.

“Surprise me.” I grinned. He nodded and went somewhere to fix my booze.

“Here’s your drink, a special Strawberry Daiquiri for the successful international model,” I laughed.

“Thanks Baron.” I managed to smile at him before he left and entertained the people whom I don’t give a shit about. I got my glass and drank the liquid straight. I smiled in satisfaction. I can still feel the burn carving its way down my throat. It may be a hundred times fervid but it still feels good. I can write this down on my achievement list. I foolishly smiled and shook my head.

“I really find people who smiles alone scary.” my forehead creased as I looked at the man who rudely interfered with my thoughts. My currently tenebrous eyes slightly widened when I saw the person. I was slightly shocked, yes, but then a playful smirk curved in my lips.

“Just shut up and kiss me.” and then he did. We went to a condo unit. I think it’s his pad. Oh, for God’s sake! I don’t give a shit if it’s his place or not! All I know is that he’s hungrily kissing me and I’m returning his every lustful kisses. It was rough, oh how I like it rough. It was both harsh and demanding. I can feel some tinge of passion from his kiss but I can’t return the same thing. All I know is I am thirsty and how I badly want this kiss. He pushed me by the wall and I smirked as I stared at him with burning lust and need. I can feel my temperature rising. We haven’t even removed our clothing but I can already feel the excitement.

He kissed me again and I returned his kisses with the same intensity and rage. This guy is driving my inner goddess crazy! I clung into his nape, pulled him closer and kissed him much bolder than ever. I heard him groan, hearing his feral groan makes me really wet!

My god, I never knew my body yearned for him this much.

Fuck this.

I broke the kiss which I think surprised him.

I intently looked at him and pushed him over the bed, crawling my way on top of him. I smirked and removed my fitted short dress leaving me with my undergarments and my four inched stilettos. I leaned in once again and continued our unfinished business.

I kissed him, with the same intensity and need. I bit his lips and he let out a groan once again, driving my inner soul crazy, for the nth time. I need more!

“Fuck! Let’s just skip everything.” I growled and within a snap, we switched positions. I know how much he needs me too. I can feel his erection poking my thighs. He unbuttoned his pants, unzipped it and then slides it down. I was astounded by his mighty presence, but then again, I wasn’t that shocked. I’ve seen tons of those anyway.

He got something from his pocket. A condom I think? He put it in his and then slid my panties off. “Ready?”

“Just get on with it will you?!” I shouted, can’t wait no longer and then I scream out loud.

Another extremely good Zenith with my Ex.

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