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  Joohyun woke up with a start, the tears on her face now dried from being in that hospital room for so long.

     Joohyun looked up at the girls body in front of her, which was now in stable condition. She hugged the body of Seulgi and smiled.

   Seulgi groggily woke up, smiling slightly but a sad look was left on her face.

    "Joohyun unni. I love you. You know that right?"Seulgi calmly said.

    "Y-Yes! I know I love you too!"Joohyun sobbed.

    "You know that when you love somebody you never let them go right?"Seulgi asked.

    "Yes...what do you mean?"Joohyun titled her head, wiping her tears.

   "Then always keep me in here,"Seulgi stated. She grabbed Joohyun's hand, placing it over Joohyun's heart. "I love you. I know we never got to spend my time together but you truly were somebody I could never forget or move on from. I love you,"

    Seulgi leaned in for a kiss, smiling then slowly fading away and the hospital room with it.

  Joohyun was utterly confused and just sobbed louder as she tried to hold onto the fading pieces of Seulgi.

   "D-Don't leave me! Seulgi? SEULBEAR? I love you?"Joohyun yelled, the tears flowing out faster now. Joohyun collapsed in a room of darkness.


     Joohyun was abruptly awoken by the sound a solid 'ehhh' as a nurse rushed her out of the room and doctors replaced her presence there.

   "Wait. No. Seul? You were just there for me!"Joohyun yelled, crying again. She realized that was just a dream. Seulgi wasn't there. She was gone.

   Joohyun clutched her heart, praying to the gods or God that maybe she would just stay with her. But this isn't a fairy tale.


Joohyun sat in Seulgi's old hospital room. She stared at the now empty bed. 'She's gone. She's gone. She's gone?'

   Joohyun had cried so much in just that one day that she could no longer weep. All she could make were sounds of weeping. Sounds of sorrow.

     Joohyun was hopeless without Seulgi. Seulgi was Joohyun's savior. The one who got her out of that horrid relationship. The one who made her realize that maybe everything wasn't so perfect.

      A tall figure walked into the room and saw the depressed girl.

       The tall girl snaked her hands around the other and smirked. She bit her neck  and Joohyun, too much in a state of shock didn't flinch.

   "Now your all alone. Now your all mine,"Sooyoung whispered.

The end :). I know most of you won't like this ending and tbh I thought this ending was rushed and bad too. But nevertheless, I'll be making an alternate ending which isn't canon but thEre wiLl BE smUt so like.

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