While Drake Wilder is our senior and the number one player in this school. He literally gets all the girls he wanted with his looks and not so hot body. Besides, he plays basketball so I think it makes sense how Drake started to notice Jessica.

May God bless both of them. Note the sarcasm.

"Katie? I understand this is one of the hot news in school but why are you so excited?"

"It's not like she's your best friend," I say while checking my phone.

"You think I'm excited? No, you idiot. I'm disappointed. I thought Jessica won't get noticed by Drake!"

"Well, it's just going to be for one night," I say nonchalantly.

"I don't think so. Drake is planning to propose her with the best romantic gestures in the world. You think he's going to do that for a nightstand?" Jace, the other best friend of mine interrupted our conversation from my back.

Jace Stone is the typical good guy with a good looking face which also means he is the ladies' man. He would do anything just to make his girlfriend the happiest girl in the world. Unfortunately, all of those girls he has dated so far were only using him. So now he is staying single until he meet the perfect one.

I turn around to look at his brown eyes.

"You really heard that?" I ask and he nod.

"Positive?" I ask and he nod again like a cute little puppy.

As far as I know, Drake Wilder never goes down for a girl.

Something clicks in my mind right at the moment. I shrug my shoulder and say, "Maybe Jessica is playing diligently on this because she knew Drake will only use her for a nightstand. Therefore, Drake has to put some extra efforts to get her."

"After all, they're just going to use each other for their own purposes. So it's a win-win situation for both of them."

"Oh My God! Kat!" Now Katie is giving me the wow emotion, "You're an absolute genious! Are you coming from the Einstein family?"

I chuckle a bit while rolling my eyes, I reply, "The last time I checked I came from Jones, not Einstein."

Jace rolls his eyes, "Just look at me. I have an Einstein and an Eddie Murphy kind of best friends!" he says and I could not agree more about Katie is our version of Eddie Murphy. She's an absolute joker.

Katie gets annoyed with Jace and she hit his head with her books, "You're such a baboon Jace. You should leave before I hit you again. Aren't you getting late for your class anyway?"

"Ouch, Kat you better stay away from this freaky woman. See you later," Jace whines in pain and left.

I laugh while thinking about how lucky I could be for having these two people as my best friends. They're my second home.

"Katie?" somewhat I'm hesitant to ask her about this but I need to know some details.

"Yes?" she reply while rising her eyebrows. Of course she knows what am I going to ask her.

I clear my throat, "Is there anything else I should know? I mean is there any other valentine's stuffs going on or planned?"

"So far I only heard about Drake and Jessica. I'm not sure about others," she tells me in a concerning tone knowing where I'm bringing this to.

"Okay, let's get going then. I don't want us to be late for the very first class of the day itself," I laugh sarcastically and started to walk.

Katie of course eventually stopped me and I give her a puzzling look.

"Kat, I was worried about you, you know? I know how you feel when Valentine's day is tomorrow and you know exactly what is going to come up."

I sigh at the last sentence of her, "I know Katie and I'm up for it. I can't run from this anymore. Trust me it kills me like hell although it doesn't make any sense to do so and I had to let go of my feelings. Unnoticed feelings I mean and the only way I can do that is by facing them and try to completely ignore whatever feel I have inside me."

She seems to be surprised by my decision and hugged me in sideways, "You deserved much better than this Kat. Let's go."

That's what I love about her. She doesn't question me back and supports me all the time. The best support system I could ever ask for.

"Maybe. Let's go, Katie," smiling at her I rest my head on her shoulder while we make our way to the monotonous class of the day.

Gosh. Only God knows what's up next and it's completely terrifying to face them.

 Only God knows what's up next and it's completely terrifying to face them

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