Chapter 2

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There are only two times that I want to be with you
now and forever

There are only two times that I want to be with younow and forever

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The day of the interview

I wake up to my alarm. I'm so nervous about my interview today. I put on my outfit I chose for today.

I straighten my hair curling the ends of it and let it flow freely

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I straighten my hair curling the ends of it and let it flow freely. I eat breakfast then brush my teeth, after I finish I still have about 40 minutes left until I need to leave. I decide to call Yoongi.

On the phone
Yoongi: Y/N! Baby!
Y/N: Yoongles! I miss you so much! Why didn't you pick up my calls the other day? I wanted to thank you for the car.
Yoongi: I was busy. I'm sorry. Don't get mad!
Y/N: I'm not mad Yoongles.
Yoongi: Good *baby voice* because I wouldn't be able to stand my baby being mad at me.
Y/N: Shut up. *laughs*
Yoongi: What are you doing?
Y/N: I'm getting ready for my job interview.
Yoongi: Good luck baby! Call me after the interview so I can know how it went. You know what don't call me. I'll FaceTime you tonight.
Y/N: Ok Yoongles. Bye I gotta go talk to you later.
Yoongi: Ok. Bye, love you.
Y/N: Bye love you too.

I hang up, I go to get my keys and purse before leaving towards my car. I drive towards
JJK Enterprises.

Jungkook's POV
None of these people have been good enough so far. My heads starting to hurt and with Arina next to me complaint her ass off is making it worse.

Arina: Why do you have that facial expression?!

I groan out in annoyance.

Jungkook: I—
Arina: You should be lucky to have a women like me,

I tune her out as my secretary calls me.

Secretary: Mr. Jeon the next person is here for their interview.
Jungkook: Thank you Lane. Please send them in.

Arina was still going on about herself when the door opened. My eyes looked at the women that I haven't seen for four years. My heart starts racing, my eyes get teary.

Jungkook: Y/N?

As I enter the office where I'll be interviewed I don't look up. That was until I hear a familiar voice say my name.

??: Y/N?

That voice I missed so much. The voice I longed to hear for four years.

Y/N: Jungkook?

He immediately stands up from his chair and runs over to me hugging me.

Jungkook: I missed you so much Baby Doll

Baby Doll.
I missed that nickname so much. I wrap my arms around his neck completely oblivious to the other woman looking at us in confusion.

??: Jungkook! Who is she?
Jungkook: Be quiet.

He turns back to look at me.

Jungkook: Why don't we do the interview somewhere else and catch up?

I couldn't even answer as he was dragging me out of the room and outside the building. We got to what I assumed to be his car. He opens the door for me waiting for me to step in, I thank him as I enter. He then goes around the car and proceeds to get into the drivers seat. The ride is quiet until he speaks up.

Jungkook: Four years huh?

Yeah four years.

Y/N: It felt like ten.

We both chuckle.
We arrive at a café. But not just any café. It's the café that me and him always used to hang out at after school. I unknowingly smile remembering all those memories we had, it was really hard to leave him behind.

Jungkook: What are you thinking about Baby Doll?
Y/N: I was just remembering all the times we spent here. I really missed it here.
Jungkook: Things weren't the same after you left. But it's better now that your back.

We exit the car and enter the café. We take a seat where we always used to sit as teenagers. We start to catch up on everything that's happened ever since I moved.

Jungkook: Baby Doll, you have something on your face.
Y/N: What is—

He leans closer and presses his lips onto mine. His hands cup my face bringing me closer to him. I put my hands on top of his. We continue kissing until I feel something on his ring finger. I quickly pull away Jungkook looks at me confused.

Jungkook: Didn't you like it?
Y/N: What? No. I mean I did but—

He leans forwards kissing me again. I push him back gently then take his left hand. I touch the ring on his ring finger.

Y/N: You're married?

His eyes widen, his facial expression shows guilt. I'm not mad at him. I obviously couldn't ask him to wait for me. But what frustrates me is that he kissed me. He kissed me while he's committed to another person.

Jungkook: Let me explain—
Y/N: I'm not mad if that's what your afraid of. I couldn't expect you to wait for me, you have a life to live. But we shouldn't have kissed. Let's just pretend that never happened and continue with the interview. We'll keep our relationship professional.

Jungkook's POV
My heart broke at the words that came out of her mouth. I have to explain everything to her then maybe we could finally be together again.

Jungkook: Baby Doll please let me—
Y/N: It's Y/N. If we want to keep our relationship professional then no more nicknames.
Jungkook: Baby Do— Y/N. I am married but not at the same time if that makes sense.
Y/N: Jungkook you don't need to make excuses I understand. Now if your not going to interview me I'll just leave.

I need her to be around me in the company if I want her to know everything. And I can't fuck this chance up. I sigh then nod. She smiled lightly then I proceed to interview her.

20 minutes later
Her answers were amazing. She's still the intelligent, creative girl I knew. I don't even think about it I hire her immediately. She smiled thanking me. I offer to give her a ride to her home but she said if I could just drop her off at the company, I nod. The car was filled with an awkward silence. She kept quiet as she looked out the window admiring everything. I smile a bit. When we arrive at the company she smiles at me thanking me.

Jungkook: Do you have a car?
Y/N: Yes I do. But when do I start?
Jungkook: Does tomorrow sound good to you? My assistant quit because he had some family issues and I really need help in the office.
Y/N: Of course. I'll see you then Mr. Jeon.

Mr. Jeon. Kinda like we're strangers. I simply nod and watch her walk away. She gets in a vibrant red car before driving off.

My Baby Doll. I love you.

Authors POV
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