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The next morning, it took me a few minutes to remember where I was

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The next morning, it took me a few minutes to remember where I was. The first thing I saw was Slash, he was still peacefully sleeping, and the curtains were all closed, making the room pitch black. With the exception of a few light peaks, and the sound of the tv.

Slash still had his arms around me, so I decided to lay my head back on his chest and close my eyes. This is definitely better than waking up to Avery jumping on my bed like a damn maniac. I wonder if her and Axl have kept in touch, maybe? She's usually into more clean cut (*cough cough* stuck up) kind of guys, anyway.

But also, I feel like whatever this thing I have with Slash happened super fast. Not that I don't like it, because I am a very impatient person, and he is a great guy so far, but it just seems too perfect, you know? Like it's not even real. I literally feel like I'm living the Eagles song, Life In The Fast Lane.

It kind of feels like I'm anticipating something to go wrong, which is pessimistic, but my whole life I've thought something was going great and then something went awful. I don't expect good things to happen to me anymore.

I felt him wake up, and his fingers starting to brush over my face gently. I kinda pretended that I was waking up,

"Good morning, or afternoon, I don't know what time it is." He laughed softly, looking into my eyes.

I smiled back in response, then leaning forward and kissing his lips.

"You're so cute." I grinned, he kissed me again before saying it back to me.

After us eating cereal while watching the cartoon that was on like children, he said he wanted me to meet "the guys". So we both got ready, wearing the same clothes as the day before. I quickly ran my fingers through my wavy hair, and we walked out the door.

On our drive to the bar they were gonna meet us at, Slash has his hand on my thigh the whole time. I loved it, even the cold rings on his fingers, that might be the part I liked most. We walked into the bar and the smell of whiskey and vodka made its way to my nostrils. He spotted the band in a booth over in the corner and walked over, holding my hand. They all simultaneously said "Hey!" As we sat down. Since the booth was small, and four men where already in it, I had to sit on Slash's lap. I didn't mind it, though.

"Who's this pretty baby?" One with teased blonde hair smirked, attempting to give me an attractive face.

"Her name is Sam, and she's mine, so back off, McKagan." Saul replied, tightening his arm around my waist. At first I thought he was joking at how protective he was being, but later realized he wasn't.

"Whatever, man." He raised his hands up in defeat.

"Anyway," Slash began, "That's Duff, that's Izzy, there's Steven, and last but not least, Axl." He pointed at each guy. They all greeted and I greeted back. Duff seemed like the flirt, Izzy was definitely the quiet one, Steven radiated positive vibes, and Axl, I couldn't really read yet.

"Why am I always last?" Axl tilted his head,

"I don't know, that's life." Slash said, focusing a new cigarette between his lips. Axl rolled his eyes and continued to drink whatever liquor was in his glass.

"So, Samantha. That's your full name, right?" Duff questioned.

"Yeah, you can call me Sam, though." I giggled.

"Mm, no. - Samantha, do you have any talents, hobbies, anything?"

"Uh, I paint, and I can play a little guitar and drums." I answered.

"Good, that means you're not an airhead." He smiled, then "boop-ing" my nose. I laughed, I definitely wasn't expecting a guy wearing almost all black leather with eyeliner to boop my nose.

"I have an idea!" Steven beamed, earning everyone's attention.

"We should play a game where we tell our first times of doing stuff." He smiled.

Everyone exchanged looks before nodding.

"Okay, first time flicking someone off."

"When I got my license." Axl said, smirking to himself while relaxing his shoulders

"I was probably fifteen, and riding in the back of a truck." Duff took another long chug from his beer.

"I don't remember." Izzy furrowed his eyebrows together.

"14, I was grounded." Slash reminisced. Then all their eyes turned to me.

I started laughing before telling the story. "So, I was in kindergarten, and this kid was being a real pain in the ass, so as I left the cafeteria I flicked him off and he looked like he saw a ghost or something."

They all started laughing, "You were in kindergarten?" Slash chuckled, as I turned to face him. "Yep." I grinned, he took the cigarette out of his mouth for a second to give me a quick peck.

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