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Chapter 1

"Will you step into my parlor?" said the spider to the fly; (A line from the poem The Spider and The Fly)

There were roses and freshly bloomed flowers everywhere. Their petals floated on the soft breeze and carried along with them the laughter of children. The sun was bright in the sky and birds sang in their perfect harmony.

A little girl patted through the garden searching for the most beautiful of roses. At last after much searching she found what she was seeking, a newly bloomed pink rose still with the morning dew dripping from its petals.

The little girl’s hand reached naively into the bush but was greeted with a painful prick from the thorns protecting the flower. With a startled cry she withdrew. She gripped her hand in pain and within mere second droplets of blood began to trickle from the wounds and ran down her fair skin.

Crimson along ivory. Something surged deep inside the girl at the sight of it as it dripped onto the grass, staining it with its deep color.

"Be careful around the rose bushes, Tristessa!" a voice called out snapping her from her trance.

The little girl looked up and a gleam came to her eyes at the sight of her mother. The woman's hair blew around her face in light blonde curls, resembling her daughter's. She pushed them away from her face to reveal pale blue eyes and small powdered pink lips curled into a smile. The wind pulled her dress against her form and rippled the ruffles.

"Mother!" Tristessa yelled happily.

She pushed herself up on her feet with her basket full of flowers and trudged off to greet the woman.

"Mother, look what I have!" she said holding the flowers up to her mother's face, "We can make circlets with them."

Her mother held an expression of shock and confusion for a brief instant before softening into a saddened smile. "Oh that would be lovely, Tristessa..." she replied trailing off.

Tristessa grinned and tightened her arms around the woman's waist in a hug. 

"Though it's too bad,”

Something dripped onto her cheeks and she  dapped at the with tiny fingers. It was blood and the girl looked up in alarm and gasped at terror at the image.

Her mother peered down at her and though she still smiled blood ran down her forehead, from her eyes like bitter tears and from the corners of her mouth. The once bright eyes were now lifeless and hollowed into the back of her skull. Her skin turned a ghastly pale and taunt against bone and blue veins could be seen beneath..

The beautiful scene around them transformed into a dreadful wasteland. The wind no longer blew, the flowers had all died, and the sky was a gloomy grey with looming storm clouds.

"M-mother?" Tristessa cried out in horror.

"Though it's too bad, that you ended my life, my heartless Tristessa." Her words were dreadful and past nightmares flashed before the girl seeming all too much like memories.

Tristessa's eyes widened as a tormented scream rumbled her throat.

"It is time to awaken, your Grace." A voice called out to her from the darkness.

Tristessa forced her eyes open with a soft groan. Lying on her side she faced the wall and its windows. A slight glimmer of sunlight peered from in between the heavy drapes.

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