Mistakes are Made

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Once I stepped from Eraserhead's office, I knew I had to get myself together. I took a deep breath. I went to my room, showered, changed. Then I dried my hair, put it up in a ponytail. I should get it cut soon.. Oh well. I found my room, with homework that had stacked up over the months. I did all of it, and by the time I was done, it was darkening outside. I got up, grabbing a waterbottle from the mini fridge. I sighed. The silence was kind of eerie. It made me feel uneasy. I took a swig from the bottle, then set it on my desk. I turned on the ceiling fan. It was hot as hell in the room. I put all my homework aside, ready to turn in tomorrow. I heard something knock over. I froze. Then I turned around. The waterbottle had fallen off my desk. I picked it up, looking around the room. Someone knocked on my door, scaring me. I jumped, yelping a bit. I took a deep breath. I took a deep breath, then answered the door. Katsuki, Izuku, and Shouto were there. "Oh.. Hey guys." I said shakily, inviting them in. Katsuki seemed pissed. Well, when was he not? But.. He shoved me against the wall. "Why the hell didn't you let me go!?" He screamed. It scared me. I was used to his bad moods, but.. After my experience with the villains.. He was.. It reminded me of the villains. Yelling at me, hurting me. "I COULD HAVE SAVED YOU!" He yelled in my face. "Kacchan, get off of her!" Izuku shouted. But.. Yeah, sure. The villains scared me. But they pissed me off, too. I shoved him back. "And what would you have done? They obviously knew what our quirks were, and how well we could use them. You wouldn't have been able to save me! That Shigaraki guy would have disintegrated you in a second!" I shouted, angry. "It doesn't matter! We care about you, and we could have helped you!!" He screamed. "NO! YOU COULDN'T HAVE! I know you care about me. I care about you guys too! That is why I did what I did! Don't you see that you are in the wrong here!?" I yelled. "I'm not! I COULD HAVE BLOWN HIS ASS TO PIECES, AND WE WOULDN'T HAVE LOST YOU FOR MONTHS!" He said. "YOU ARE IN THE WRONG HERE! BEING A HERO ISN'T ABOUT WHAT YOU WANT! IT'S ABOUT SAVING OTHER PEOPLE! EVEN IF IT MEANS SACRIFICING YOURSELF, OR PISSING THE OTHER PEOPLE OFF!" I screamed, raising my voice. I took a deep breath, feeling my body heating up. Cool down, Yanagi. Or you'll overheat and pass out. Its a setback to my quirk. Or just.. A medical thing. If I get too mad or too sad or anything like that, my body will heat up fast and I will pass out. I manipulated the wall to cool myself. "I did the right thing. I know I did. You know I did. I would rather sacrifice my life instead of watching someone else die. Or get hurt. And you know very well that you would have gotten hurt if I hadn't taken you away." I said. "I. DON'T. CARE. I COULD HAVE SAVED YOU, AND I COULD HAVE KEPT YOU HERE WITH US." He said, his voice hurting my ears. "You don't realize you keep saying the same thing. 'I don't care'?" I questioned. "Not five minutes ago you said that you care about me. You keep saying 'I don't care' and it pisses me off!" I shouted. Heat seared into my body. I groaned. I didn't care. I had to finish this. "Yana..?" Izuku asked. "You.. You always scream at everybody. I hate it. It hurts my ears. You say you care about me. If you cared, you wouldn't be yelling at be for doing what I am being trained to do. If you cared, you wouldn't say that you don't care that I kept you away from danger! If you cared, you wouldn't be here, on repeat, telling me that I DID SOMETHING WRONG!" I screamed. I was hot. I was sweating. I couldn't breathe. It was so hot in here. I fanned myself. Katsuki pushed me. I hit the wall. "Pay attention when I'm fucking talking." He said. I shut my eyes tight. "Bakugou that's enough!" Shouto shouted, tearing Katsuki away from me. "Can't you see something's wrong?" He asked. "I'm fine." I said, pushing past Katsuki, who grabbed my arm roughly. My temper flared, and I shoved him back with all my strength. He stumbled back, all the way to the wall, then fell. I left, going out. The cold night felt so nice. So, so nice. I breathed in the chilly air. I took off my top. Okay, chill. I have a tank top underneath. I was already wearing shorts, so I just sat on the cold grass, and shut my eyes. I felt better. I looked up. "I know they just want to help. I know they care. But Katsuki can try not to scream at me. I didn't do anything wrong, and I guess he thinks I screwed up badly. I understand that. But, he could just.. I don't know, lower his volume or something. I almost passed out again. I'm surprised my nose didn't start bleeding. Anyway, I want him to see that I did what I did because I wanted him to stay alive. I don't know.. But I missed training camp. That made me upset. I'll have to ask them about it.." I said, talking to my deceased parents. "Oh.. Mom, Dad. I miss you. You always knew what to do.." I said, wiping my tears.

"I miss you guys alot.."


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