A Good Day

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I basically purred as I cuddled into the pillow. I was so warm and snug, I never wanted to leave this bed! Never! I smiled happily at the idea of laying here all day in the warm embrace of the covers and the pillows, the thought filled me with such a glee!

However this happiness was quickly ruined as I was yanked by the waist out of the bed and into the arms of someone. I expected to feel an overwhelming flush of cold against me however thanks to my large onesie, I was kept relatively warm. I opened my eyes to see Kylie holding me close to her with a seductive smirk on her face.

Kylie: good morning cutie~

She pecked my cheek with her lips as she began to carry me out of her room and down the hallway towards the stairs.

(Y/n): g-good morning Kylie

Kylie: how did my handsome little man sleep last night then?

I felt my cheeks turn red at the thought of what Kylie had done to me last night. She certainly didn't slack off when it came to those kind of activities.

She carried me down the stairs and we began to walk towards the kitchen where we passed by the front door, seeing Julie and Jerome saying their goodbyes to one another for the day.

Jerome had a meeting to attend, which would last all day so this meant he wouldn't be here at all today. We all waved him off as he set off out of the house, closing the front door behind him.

Julie turned to me and Kylie and smiled at us.

Julie: still wearing that same onesie that she got you?

She smirked as I hid my face into Kylie's arm from embarrassment of the onesie. Kylie chuckled before kissing the top of my head, only causing me to blush more.

Kylie: well weren't you the exact same with dad?

Julie: yeah you're right there, I was a bit obsessive over Jerome when we first met!

Kylie: yeah but you're still obsessive over dad....

Julie: how am I obsessive over him?

Kylie: you have a chip in his neck that tells you where he is...

Julie nervously laughed at this before walking away into the living room.

Kylie chuckled before carrying me to the kitchen where she placed me down at the breakfast bar.

Kylie: so then, what can I get my little man?

She pinched my cheek and I tried to get her hand off which turned out unsuccessful.

(Y/n): j-just some toast please....

Kylie: two slices of toast, coming right up!

As she began to make the toast, she wiggled her hips slightly, catching me off guard as I felt my face flush up in a red blush again.

Kylie looked back and winked at me, only making my situation worse. Julie suddenly came crashing through the kitchen door and she had a wide smile on her face.

Julie: you guys aren't gonna believe this but guess what!

(Y/n): you found me something that isn't a onesie?

Kylie slapped my arm, causing me to flinch.

(Y/n): what was that for?

Kylie: you don't get a choice on what you wear

Julie: anyway! The thing is, we're getting new neighbours!

Me and Kylie both looked surprised.

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