Protection. //Poly!Heathers X Veronica.

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'Dear diary, the Heathers are literally making my life Hell. They're the worst. Now, they won't leave me alone and I'm slowly losing whatever sanity that remains in my mind. I just wish they'd leave me alone, fucking Hell! But recently.. I've been running into them a lot more lately and they seem...nicer? Okay, that's a huge overstatement, they're still pretty bitchy. Ah well. I better get going though, before they remember I exist. I'll report back later. If I make it that far.

-V. Sawyer.' Veronica sighed gently, closing and placing the leather bound book back into her ripped and beaten bag, pulling her jacket around herself in order to hide as she navigated to her best friend, Martha Dunnstock. Betty Finn had left the school due to being too smart, even if Veronica was arguably smarter. She smiled at the other brunette, "Hey, Mar," She greeted anxiously.

"Hey Vero!" Martha chirped, her usual innocent and naive smile on her face, whilst Veronica had noticed two certain jocks heading down the hallway. Unfortunately, they locked eyes, and the brunette knew what was about to happen, her chest tightening as they both smirked, whispering to eachother. Martha had noticed this because the taller brunette wasn't paying attention to her rambles, "Veronica? What's wrong?"

The other girl gulped, before whimpering, "Kurt and Ram.."

"Oh," The pink shirted girl frowned, "Oh, no.. I'll.. I'll go get Ms. Flemming.." she reassured, before quickly shuffling past other teens down the crowded hall. Veronica turned around, trying to ignore the jocks' footsteps. She was about to hide when she felt two hands grab her shoulders, making her freeze up and sharply hitch her breath.

"Hey, Kurt, ain't this the bitch who thinks she's smart?" drawled Ram Sweeney, the local asshole of Westerburg. Kurt wasn't as bad, but he was still pretty bad. The quarterback shrugged, eyeing the girl Ram was holding roughly.

"I dunno, dude," he leaned dangerously close to Veronica's ear, "It doesn't have a label," he growled softly, right before he and his best friend burst into laughter, a cruel, mocking tone, before they shoved the poor girl to the unhygienic floors and strolled away. Veronica sniffled. This wasn't the first time, and certainly not the last. Every time it hurt, and this time it was overwhelming. Not bothering to wait for Martha,  she dashed off into the school's bathroom, as cackling and taunts followed her.


Veronica sobbed pathetically into her knees, curled up next to the toilet in the stall closest to the door. She had a desperate need for no one to come in. She hiccuped between cries, furiously wiping her eyes with her jean jacket's sleeve, but they just kept coming. However, luck wasn't on her side as three pairs of footsteps entered the small restroom. Expensive heels tapped the tiles, and Veronica instantly knew who they were; Heather Chandler, Heather McNamara, and Heather Duke, or more commonly called, the Heathers. They were her worst enemies, despite the fact they were being so neutral with her lately. She had no time to think about that now, as she clamped her hand over her mouth to restrain a whimper, hoping and waiting for them to leave. One of her sobs unfortunately breaking through the barrier of her tan hand, and Heather McNamara had heard it, looking around questioningly at the other Heathers, who were her girlfriends, and the whole school knew it. The yellow sleeved girl wandered toward the first stall for a moment, before turning back to Duke and Chandler, as the green shirted brunette looked over at her, while Chan continued working on her already applied makeup, "Dukie? Did you hear that? I think someone's in here.." Mac mumbled worriedly.

"One, don't call me that," Duke huffed. Chan rolled her eyes, not taking her gaze from the mirror.

"Two," The blonde continued for her, "It's probably some nobody. I mean, who cries in the bathroom during class?" She commented snidely.

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