Beach Day

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"Justin, let me go!" Shawn complained as his swim trunks were currently being hauled up his butt by his brother. Ruel caught a glimpse of what was going on and started laughing, causing Shawn to blush in embarrassment.

"Let you go? Go where? Up in the air?" Justin smirked and pulled harder on Shawn's swim trunks, getting the younger Canadian on his tip-toes. That was enough to cause Shawn to have a high-pitched squeal which caused Ruel to laugh even harder than before.

Justin finally let go and gave Shawn's backside a little swat. Shawn crossed his arms over his chest and gave his older brother and Ruel death glares.
Justin chuckled and poked Shawn's clothed stomach, making him giggle.

Shawn regretted being so ticklish as he began to glare at Justin again, trying his hardest not to cry out of pure embarrassment. Justin noticed Shawn's eyes getting glossy and ran his fingers through his hair.

"Okay Ruel, let's not laugh at him. We are all supposed to be having a good day at the beach today. See? The weather is fuckin' gorgeous."

Justin was clearly enjoying himself with the clear sky and the warm sand on his feet. The sun was nice and hot and felt pretty good right now, Shawn on the other hand was getting sort of uncomfortable with it beaming on his arms.

"Okay I'm going to the water!" Ruel spouted excitedly and Justin stopped him. "Hold on, young man. You both need sunscreen on. You too Shawn, take off your shirt." Justin said as he went to go get the sunscreen out of the beach bag.

Shawn blushed heavily and crossed his arms with a defiant little pout, looking more like a toddler than an almost 20-year-old. Justin gave Shawn a look but he didn't budge. Ruel, however, was quick to go and sit on Justin's lap.

"Smother me up! I burn like toast!" He laughed in a playful manner which caused Justin to chuckle. He squeezed some out of the bottle and began to rub it all over the boy. Shawn looked over at the two of them uneasy.

"Shawn, you're next," Justin added in as he rubbed up Ruel with the sunscreen, "so I suggest that your shirt is off or else I'll do it for you, mister." He lightly threatened.

Shawn simply rolled his eyes and turned from his brother, looking in the direction of the other beach-goers. Justin shook his head at his stubbornness and finished up Ruel. "Okay baby, you're done." He gave him a little pat on his backside to get him going.

"Can I go to the water now?" Ruel asked, Justin shook his head no to Ruel's disappointment. Justin then began chuckling at his expression. "Gotta wait for Shawn, you can't go by yourself," he explained as he patted his thighs, "Shawn, didn't I tell you to have your shirt off?" Justin rose an eye brow.

Shawn didn't turn to look at him, he wasn't comfortable taking his shirt off so he didn't. Justin however didn't know this, so he was taking it as a sign Shawn was being disobedient. He didn't like that.

"Shawn I know you heard me," Justin scolded in a low voice, tapping his fingers on his thigh again, getting more frustrated by the second with Shawn's behavior. He sighed at Shawn not budging. "One."

Justin began to count. Ruel gulped and hid behind Justin, not liking the sudden tension. Shawn knee exactly what counting meant, Justin even had a little phrase. "If I get to three, you're over my knee." Shawn shivered a little bit and bit his lip.


Justin was getting more and more impatient by the second, Shawn turned to look at him with glossy eyes, still glaring at him. "Shawn, what happens when I get to three?" Justin reminded him with a raised brow.

Shawn was embarrassed with the question and tears came freely, "you'll spank me." He mumbled in a low voice.

"I'll what?" Justin repeated, trying to get Shawn to speak up.

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